Corrugated Boxes

A Complete Insight on Corrugated Boxes Essay

Every product needs an outer case, due to which you see packaging everywhere around you. The standard boxes you will see in the market are corrugated shipping boxes because of their flexible nature. They have various types, all of which offer unique benefits to the handlers. They can package some gift items and durable enough to secure the contents during the long shipping processes. Look at the following efficacious guide to get a deep insight into the corrugated packaging.


The corrugated boxes are highly customizable because they come in sizes, shapes, and styles keeping in view the demands of the customers. The different types of these boxes are as following:

  • Die-cut packages
  • Overlapped packages
  • Half-slotted containers
  • Regular slotted containers, and
  • Custom Kraft packages

Each of these types has its unique features, uses, and multiple advantages. For instance, the purpose of custom die-cut or windowed packages is to make products visually attractive and exciting. On the other hand, Kraft containers are known for their resistance and enhanced strength for stacking the products safely in the warehouse and making the transportation process secure. In the overlapped containers, the overlaps make it impossible for the flaps to pull apart. Whether you are using staples, glue, or tape, the overlaps allow these containers to hold the heavier items without any rough handling firmly. Talking about the slotted containers, they allow you more storage or stacking capacity while consuming less space for themselves.

Design and lamination:

Printing is an essential part of the design in custom corrugated boxes. The printing methods such as foil stamping, flexographic printing, embossing, spot UV, etc., are used to print mesmerizing designs, playful patterns, and artistic color. The right color combinations and designs make the corrugated packaging look alluring and artsy. Mostly, you will see this packaging with ambient color schemes by adopting the CMYK model, which plays a crucial role in enhancing its beauty. The playful patterns such as blots and splashes make it jump off the shelves. Another trend which you will frequently see in this packaging design is the incorporation of some irregular patterns by using rigid lines and shapes.

Furthermore, it is also laminated with a gloss or matte lamination to increase the visual appeal and graphics of its surface. The custom corrugated boxes are perfectly laminated, which makes their surfaces appear brighter and shinier. The combination of purposeful design and attractive lamination grasp the heed of consumers in a short period.

Resistant properties:

  • Moisture resistance: During the long shipping processes, businesses need to keep the moisture away from the product to keep it intact. The corrugated boxes provide the best resistance against any humidity or moisture and maintain the items fresh over a longer time.
  • Temperature resistance: Talking about the thermal resistance of the corrugated packages, they have a lower thermal conductivity, which helps block the heat. They also absorb the temperature content to keep your valuable goods secure and in original condition.

The corrugated packaging is specifically designed with an arched paper design that is sometimes also known as fluting. These flutes perfectly fit between the sheets of paper, which then act as protective liners. These liners can be manufactured in varying sizes, designs, thicknesses, and strengths to fit the needs of a particular item. Moreover, some special coatings can be applied on the surface of corrugated packaging to make it resistant to shock and flame.

Impact on the ecosystem:

Keeping the environment neat, clean, and pollution-free is the responsibility of everyone living on this planet. The corrugated packages have upped their game by understanding this fact. They are precisely manufactured by keeping the minimal environmental impact the priority. From the starting point to the last part of manufacturing, the protection of the ecosystem and its natural resources is the primary concern of the manufacturers. Complying with all the green standards of the packaging has made these boxes the go-to choice of potential consumers. The materials preferred in their production are obtained from natural wood pulp, which does not emit any toxic elements to increase the carbon footprint in the ecosystem. Once there is no life left, they can be recycled as they are 100% recyclable. Unlike non-biodegradables, they have higher biodegradability, enabling them to decompose instantaneously upon placing them on the landfills where oxygen and bacteria are present.

Other benefits:

  • For many businesses that are worried about the overhead costs, these packages are an economical and affordable solution. There are two reasons behind their cost-competitiveness; at first, they are locally available from some local vendors, and secondly, they consume less quantity of materials in their fabrication.
  • They are exceedingly flexible, due to which you can have more storage space on the offer. More products can be packages inside them without increasing the overall weight of the box.
  • They give enhanced visuals to your valuable items, which help you in creating a unique brand identity by making your brand reputation.
  • They come with writable or printable surfaces, which can be utilized to print the name and address of the recipients on the front or top cover.
  • They are not only a cost-effective branding tool but also decrease the shipping costs for businesses.

No other box can beat the corrugated shipping boxes in productiveness, uniqueness, and versatility. Their increased resistance and toughness secure the items in the stacking and shipping process. They have various classifications and are designed with unique colors, patterns, and fonts with the help of printing methods. They have an environmentally friendly nature as they are highly recyclable and biodegradable.

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