The Ultimate Guide to Buying Marble Countertops

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Marble Countertops

Natural stones are constantly demanded and are famous for their strength, durability, elegance, and longevity. They are used in floor tiles, countertops, wall decoration, vases, bathtubs, etc. Nowadays, they are well known for kitchen countertops. Natural stone countertops are gorgeous. One of the natural stones which are reaching the peak is a marble.

Today Marble countertops are homeowners’ first demand due to their gorgeousness and longevity. The pleasing looks of its grace in various white, black, grey, green, and rose colors adds a remarkable superiority to your kitchen and bathroom site. People choose marbles without doing a considerable amount of study. These ordinary stones come into existence with a complex method, and deciphering their quality is also tricky. You do not know how they mined, how much they are durable, etc. 

So, do quite a research before you buy marble countertops to know you are investing in a suitable material. Here We have listed a few features you should know of before purchasing marbles counters. 

  • Basic Nature of Marble 
  • Cost of Marble 
  • Select the suitable Marble slab
  • Matching the Theme 
  • Measure the space
  • Sealing your Marble Countertops

Basic Nature of Marble: 

Why marble countertops kitchen island? Marble counters are highly heat-resistant and much more durable and also long-lasting. They are the favorite choice of those who love baking. But just like another thing, these counters need care. We recommend you to use mats and pot holders for placing your hot dishes and pans for that purpose. 

 They are correctly sealed, so they do not absorb water or any other liquid. The counters are waterproof, which is the solution to many problems. They are very soft, so do not chop or cut anything directly on their surface because you may feel scratched top. To enjoy their beauty for a long time, you should yearly maintain them and seal them.

Cost of Marble: 

 The cost of the counters and installation depends upon the type of material you select, size, pattern, and style you have chosen. But getting the basic estimate will help to get it right in the end. You can get Marble countertops estimated between $50 and $150 per square foot. It would be very suitable to go to the showroom and consult with the suppliers and estimate the countertops according to the material, size, and style.  

Select the suitable Marble slab:

 Marble is famous for its unique beauty. Even each slab is different from the other. If you have marble in your home, then be sure you have unique means. No one in the world has the same design as you also have natural art in your home. So, when you select the slab, make sure you choose the right one because it’s like you are trying to find different pieces to complete a painting. 

 You will need to follow the veining located on the counters in a pattern that makes it look like a piece of art and helps you get the mirror slabs. Also, keep an eye on your budget because this veining pattern can be higher too. 

Matching the Theme: 

Marble is available in various colors like blue, gold, matt grey, orange, red, green, white, and black. The white marble is very famous for kitchen countertops. Their bright white beauty fits with every theme. White countertops give a luxurious look to the interior. Marble also has other colors with a wide range of veining variations that add an accent to space. 

They can fit with every theme or texture. But it is good to choose custom colors as per your space theme to match the rest of the design spreading in your kitchen or bathroom. Go with that for that classy environment. 

Measure the space:

These requirements include considerations like whether you want a sink along with the countertop or not. Where you want to install them and how much they require space. They need an expert, so your contractor should visit your home to measure the available counter space. This one is the crucial point to measure the exact length required to get a perfect fit so that the risk of unnecessary delays and expenses can be avoided.

Make sure you have a planner. You never do this job on your own. For example, you are planning to add a sink in your marble countertop, and your worker will work out with that where the sinkhole will go and keep in mind the plumbing and make the required cutouts for that. Remember edging and sealing of the stone to impact the cost.

 According to the industrial value, one and ¼ inch or 3 cm thickness works well for counters and ¾ inch or 2 cm for vanity tops. But here, some prefer fewer cost counters because consistency makes the cost higher and is also used in small areas. But those who prioritize style over cost go with thicker also thicker has bold veining colors and design.

Sealing your Marble Countertops:

 As mentioned above, choose marble tiles that are low to porous. They are naturally porous. Engineers tried to make them absorbent with the help of adhesive material and sealed them correctly. So the Countertops become waterproof. So, sealed countertops need less care. They become resistant to the stain and scratches.

Every marble type requires a different level of maintenance. It will be a good idea to clean the surface when you see water or other liquid spots on its surface. Also, to avoid cutting and chopping directly on its surface, use a cutting board for that purpose. So, please select the type which needs low or no maintenance and also yearly seals them. A well-wrapped countertop requires minimal care.


Now you are good to go for purchasing the marble countertops. You have to keep in mind this consideration to help you buy a good quality long-lasting counter. Make sure to buy the type which is properly sealed and needs low maintenance.

Also, if you want to install them on your own to save the installation cost, follow the proper guideline or consult with the supplier. Marble countertops are heavier material, so it is advised to install them by some professional. Read Also: Exciting Ideas to Pair Kitchen Marble Countertops with Cabinets

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