7 Incredible Ways To Make Everyone Smile This Raksha Bandhan 2021

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with great zeal and passion throughout India. It is generally a Hindu festival, although Sikhs also participate in honoring the bond of love between a brother and a sister. It also gives the family a special cause to gather together and enjoy this occasion with love and respect for one another. Regardless of the distance between a brother and a sister, this special link of love must be celebrated. This is a festival of defense and protection, in which all the sisters tie rakhi to all her brothers in exchange for a pledge from her brothers to protect her for the rest of her life.

Raksha Bandhan is a festival of happiness, not voidness, and no child should be sad on this day.

Build New Relationships

Let us encourage people to attend and celebrate this festival of love with children who do not have a brother or sister. If you know anyone who does not have a brother, you can be one for them and swear to protect them from all hazards at all times. If someone does not have a sister, you can be one by tying a rakhi around their wrist and praying for their good health and wealth.

Visit an Orphanage

You can even go to an orphanage and spend some time with the youngsters there; we’re sure they’d appreciate anyone’s company on that day. However, make sure to bring some things with you, such as stationery, clothing, books, or games for the kids to play with.

Move Beyond your Religion

Every year, all the Hindu sisters tie rakhi to their brothers, and the brothers swear to keep their sisters safe from all evil. If you are a sister reading this, your brothers must have friends of any religion. And they do defend you as if you were their own sister. So, invite your brother’s buddies over to your house and tie Rakhi to each of them. Breakthrough religious barriers and cherish the relationship.

Send Rakhi to the soldiers

Our soldiers put their lives on the line so that we can live freely in our country. When we sleep in our houses with any kind of fear. Soldiers spend every second of every day in the death zone. As a result, it is our job to express our gratitude to them in whatever manner we can. Send rakhi to the Indian Army on Raksha Bandhan to show your appreciation and one of the greatest rakhi celebration ideas.

Make a surprise visit

If you are a brother or a sister living far away from your siblings and parents.  Then this is the best time to pay a surprise visit and make everyone happy.

Send Gifts

If you don’t live in the same country or it is impossible for you to make a surprise visit to your sibling’s place then send them a gift like a bouquet of flowers with a personal note, a cosmetic kit, a basket of chocolates, or anything that they would love. Rakhi gifts for sister then send a rakhi with a personal note and a small gift, we are sure that your brother would love and appreciate the gesture.

 Personalized Presents

Personalized gifts are the best as they make the person given to jump of happiness. It makes the person feels special and makes them think about the effort that you have put into the gift.  If you are a sister you can gift your brother a customized pen, a tie, a t-shirt, or anything that would make your brother feel special. But if you are a brother reading this then don’t worry we have you covered. We have many things that can be personalized for your sister as well like a t-shirt, a cushion, a mug, and many more things. 

Let us make a vow to put a smile on everyone’s face on this Raksha Bandhan. And get rid of the insecurity, the worry of not having a brother or sister.

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