MYST Tooth Brush

This is without a doubt the best automatic toothbrush money can buy!

The technology behind automatic toothbrushes has advanced significantly over time, but there is one automatic toothbrush on the market that stands out above the rest: the MYST toothbrush.

In terms of how it works and how well it cleans the teeth and gums, the MYST automatic toothbrush is truly incredible. When it comes to oral care, the MYST really is the finest of the best. The majority of the technology that makes automatic toothbrushes so insanely popular must first be understood. Once you see how the technology works you will realize that it is easy to understand why MYST is the best toothbrush for kids and for adults.

Many people are unaware of how incredible the MYST toothbrush is. This is a major appliance that can actually benefit your well-being. In order to help you better understand why this is such a revolutionary product, this blog will take a closer look at the technology behind automatic toothbrushes and how the MYST toothbrush stands out from the crowd.

MYST was built with one objective in mind

 To make brushing faster, easier, and more efficient. The MYST is equipped with the most cutting-edge dental technology and provides you with everyday access to dental-grade cleaning.

Three of our employees put various automatic toothbrushes to the test, and none of them could even come close to the MYST! We don’t usually review items, but we were so delighted with this one that we felt compelled to share our thoughts!

Here’s what we discovered

  • It took us roughly 30-seconds on average to ‘brush’ our teeth using the MYST automated toothbrush. The device contains a ridiculously large number of tiny brushes that do all of the brushing for you!
  • When we used the MYST, there was no mess, and our tongues felt tingling, clean, and fresh after each usage.
  • In terms of how it fit in our mouths, the MYST was also the most pleasant automatic toothbrush we tried. The fit was snug and pleasant, and it truly felt as if it was designed to fit in your mouth.
  • The fact that the MYST not only cleans but also whitens your teeth was one of the coolest aspects we definitely appreciated about it. The whitening solution was included in the kit, and the MYST has a built-in blue LED light that reacts with the solution to whiten teeth

Despite the fact that none of our employees wear braces or any type of dental prosthesis, the package said that MYST is compatible with both – which we thought was a really cool feature.

Another fantastic feature of the MYST is that you can currently purchase the whole kit and setup for $99. So that’s really cool! We put products to the test.

MYST automatic ToothBrush

  • 360 degrees sonic
  • uSmile Pro is a professional version of uSmile.
  • Go Smile

While the other brands appeared to work rather well, they lacked the MYST’s build and functionality.

Both the 360 Sonic and the smile Pro appeared to be built in a ‘cheap’ manner, and neither felt particularly comfortable in the mouth. The Go Smile felt better in the mouth, but the MYST outperformed it every time when it came to tooth cleaning.

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