Hair Warning Signs Predicting Baldness

5 Hair Warning Signs Predicting Baldness

Nightmares, let’s talk about these!

What’s your biggest nightmare? Getting late on our exam day or seeing some ghost chasing you on your way home?

Well, for me it’s losing my hair strands. Stop nodding, I know we share this. Most of us can relate to this. No one wants to lose their hair strands and getting bald can come as their biggest nightmare.

Hair Loss – Your Biggest Nightmare

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always remain a nightmare and can turn into reality anytime in your life. Though the extent of hair loss and pattern may vary, hair fall is an unavoidable condition. Hair fall can turn into hair loss at any time and men are more prone to this.

No matter how well you take care of your hair, you can still experience a bald you. Talking about a similar experience, one of my uncles tried every single thing for luscious hair and he used to have that Hagrid hair throughout his life. However, hair loss in his genes didn’t leave for his convenience and we see him visiting the best hair surgeons in Peshawar for a hair transplant.

Can we Prevent Hair Loss?

Hair transplants are not the only option. Many things can help you to prevent complete hair loss and delay it. From changing your basic hair care routine to eating healthy foods, everything makes a difference. But you can prevent hair loss!

Early Signs of Balding

Hair loss patterns can be different and vary from person to person. Despite all these differences, hair loss doesn’t come suddenly. Fortunately, certain warning signs will tell you that you are balding. Knowing bout these signs can be surely helpful in preventing your hair loss. Here are some of those signs that can surely help you.

1- Receding Hairline

It is often considered that seeing notable hair fall is the most common cause of hair loss. But let me tell you that this isn’t the only indicator. A receding hairline is another common symptom of hair loss you need to consider. If you notice that your forehead area is expanding or a clear widow peak is forming, you are more likely to experience baldness in future.

2- Notable Hair Fall

Just told earlier, seeing your hair strands falling daily is a common indicator of baldness in future. Be mindful that losing 50-100 strands daily is quite natural; however, if you find hair every time you brush your hair or on your sheets or jerseys, then this might be a sign of hair trouble.

3- Seeing Bald Spots

Another common indicator of future baldness is the appearance of bald spots of thin hair patches on your scalp. This is the most visible and prominent evidence of hair loss one can consider. These bald patches can be due to any reason but are more of an indicator of poor hair health. This sign is more common in men than women.

4- Hair Growth Time is Longer than Usual

Hair growth can occur at a different pace among individuals. However, the duration of the hair growth cycle can vary during a later stage in life or especially if you are prone to future baldness. Try to monitor your hair length over time and be mindful of the delayed hair growth as an indicator of future baldness.

5- Scalp Changes

Your scalp is important. Not only because it holds your hair strands in place but also because it is an important indicator of your hair health. Changes in the appearance or feel of your scalp might be indicating future baldness. If you tend to see your scalp from hair then this is one prominent sign that your hair is losing more than you call it natural. Further, an itchy scalp can also indicate the problem. So, it is important to address any scalp changes.

Bottom Line!

Hair health is important for both men and women. But hair fall comes as an uninvited guest can result in hair loss. To prevent hair loss it is better to know about the warning signs of hair fall. All these signs can help to predict a future hair loss. Thus, it is recommended to visit a trichologist for better hair advice.

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