Top Five Netflix Series To Watch In August 2021

Top Five Netflix Series To Watch In August 2021

The pandemic does not seem to slow down and so won’t we as we will keep coming up with amazing Netflix series suggestions to watch in the month of August 2021. Without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at what shows you must watch on Netflix in the month of August.


Longmire season 7 was reported to be cancelled by The Next Hint and other such media portals. However, the fans of the show have demanded that a next season of the series should be released so that they can get some kind of closure with their favourite characters. The show is focused around an old man who has to deal with a lot of difficult situations and emerge as a winner. If you are looking for something in the crime-drama genre which is set in the contemporary world, then you should definitely watch this amazing show which features Robert Taylor as the leading actor.


The Lost Kingdom has a lot of fans and if you have nothing else to watch in August, then you should definitely give this show a try. It has been rated as one of the best shows in the socio-political drama genre and if you feel that you belong to that genre, then you must give it a try and not let the opinions of others affect your thought process about the show. The show is full of surprises and you will enjoy every single scene of the series.


Cantered around an African-American superhero who has to don his superhero suit again because of a tragic incident, this show was ranked among the top series in the month of August. Jefferson Pierce is played by Cress Williams who is a phenomenal actor and his performance as Black Lightning is certainly going to give you goosebumps. The show also tied into the CWverse during the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline and it was truly an amazing experience to wath Jefferson Pierce in a cameo appearance. If you want to watch a perfectly nuanced show which is on par with Daredevil and Punisher, then you must give it a try.


A sitcom which is focused around two grown-up women who are always in some sort of weird situation. If you want a good laugh and keep yourself entertained, then you must watch this show for the crazy moments that it has. It is rated as one of the best comedy shows and has been around for many seasons, so you will not have to go on a hunt for a good sitcom for a long time once you begin watching Grace and Frankie.


A rather strange addition to the long list of amazing series that Netflix has churned out during its time on the internet is Stranger Things. This show is full of crazy surprises and saying anything about them will ruin the fun for you.

So, these were the top shows which you must watch on Netflix before the month of August ends. We will come up with a new set of shows for the next month, until then keep yourself updated about the shows with our amazing information about Netflix shows.

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