Celebrate your wedding anniversary with these Invites!

Every milestone occasion is worth celebrating but your anniversary is definitely very special. Couples celebrate the start of a new life together at their wedding, but it is just as important to celebrate your milestones every year thereafter.  Your anniversary gives you the opportunity to celebrate a whole year’s journey, cherishing the good moments, reminiscing and learning from the bad. It also marks the beginning of a new onward journey, setting in place new aspirations or should we say, couple goals? If you are thinking about celebrating your upcoming anniversary with friends and family, here are 6 stunning wedding anniversary invites for every kind of couple.

#1. Inspiring Couple

Get set to inspire your friends and family with this lovely anniversary invite. A wreath of flowers and leaves tastefully borders the couple picture in the centre. The subtle blue highlights at the bottom of the card give the effect of water colours, making this card truly elegant. Each element displays its very own individual style, yet they collectively don’t overshadow the contents, which stands out in beautiful gold font.

#2. Oldie Goldie

Getting old together is truly wonderful. This card is something that will appeal to the minimalist couple. The mellow grey shade beautifully compliments the contents of the card. The flower with the pastel green leaves on the other hand adds a contemporary touch. If you want to get the message across in a crisp fashion without any frills, this is the card for you. Add a colourful picture that stands against the monochrome background and you are all set!

#3. In Sickness and Health

This anniversary invite is definitely the one for an artsy couple. With swirls in gradients of blue dancing to an imaginary tune, this invite invokes the feeling of calmness. Go down the memory lane by adding two of your favourite couple pictures on this invite. Just sit back and cherish the moments that you spent together, in sickness, and in health! Raise a toast for many more years to come.

#4. White Gold

Your special occasion deserves some glitz and glam, and this anniversary invitation offers just that. The gold contents take the aesthetics of this elegant invite up a notch. The design puts more focus on the picture, while still highlighting the contents of this card. Get set to dazzle and shine with this stunning invite.

#5. Till Death Do Us Part       

With a beautiful foliage of fruits, leaves and flowers, this card can’t be more pretty! The glowing hanging lanterns only add to the card’s beauty, creating a quaint display. The dark background highlights the different aspects of the card and makes them pop out. What better way to describe your anniversary milestone than to say “Til Death Do Us Part”, and this card is the perfect way to let your friends and family know just that.

#6. Love You Always

A picture speaks a thousand words, but sometimes just one number can do the trick. This anniversary invite puts emphasis on the number of glorious years that you completed with your partner, making it ideal for the couple who doesn’t want to flaunt their picture on the invite. A classic red brick wall never goes out of fashion and in this case, it forms a beautiful background for this invite. The contents of the card stand out against the brick wall in white, giving the card a captivating finish.

Now you know, you don’t have to go through too much trouble finding the right anniversary invite. With so many templates available online, your job is made easy. All you have to do is pick a template, customize the contents, download the card and send it instantly to your loved ones.  And the best part is, digital invitations are pocket friendly and environment friendly. Are you ready to celebrate your anniversary the right way, ie, smart and hassle free? When it’s so easy to invite your friends and family, celebrating your anniversary is now more enjoyable than ever!

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