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The Surprising Array of Colors Available for Custom Granite Countertops

Are you planning your Lima, OH kitchen or bath renovation and are uninspired by the bland selection of quartz or granite countertops found at the big box store? Despite the unending sea of similar samples shown on their display walls, granite is available in other color combinations than the typical flecked gray and white. Will you have to travel far to find them? No. Not when a local custom counter design center does the footwork for you.

Exploring the Ends of the Earth to Discover Unique Granite for Your Kitchen

It is always wise to shop small when searching for unique kitchen counters, even in the small town of Lima. A quality custom countertop installer will actually visit quarries across the planet to find inspiring and special pieces of stone that will speak to your sense of style. There are no borders when you are hunting for color, motion, and inspiration. They do not rely on an outside company to source large sections of uniform stone.

But we were talking about color, right? What are your options?

In Love with Green? Go to the Enchanted Forest

Yes, you can bring shades of green into your kitchen using a slab like Enchanted Forest. A mobile mix of black, gold, white, gray, and greens provide a warm and intriguing anchor to the heart of your home. It can add drama to your all-white cabinets and stark flooring selection. When paired with a set of dark natural wood cabinets, it brings a cozy sense of comfort.

A Cobra or Desert Beach Introduce Warm Rusty Tones

Do you want to heat up a neutral color palette of gray and off-white? The rusty undertones found on slabs of Cobra or Desert Beach may be the perfect solution. While they both are anchored by the red undertones in the flecks, each granite features a different mix of striations or waves that bring interest and motion into your space.

Ride the Blue Waves of a Silver Cloud

Is your Lima, OH kitchen design sort of static with sharp angles and square shapes? Breathe life into the room when you opt for a lively granite such as Silver Cloud. Wild swirls of white, gray, and deep blue will draw attention to the countertop while softening the lines of cabinetry and geometric tiles.

Set Expectations Aside and Fall in Love with Your Granite Slab

Are you intrigued and excited by all the possibilities described above? You will only get the true impact of the stone when you see the complete slab in person. Take your time to peruse a wide selection at your local Lima, OH countertop supplier and let your heart decide.

Visit a Local Showroom to Find the Perfect Granite Countertops for Your Lima Home

Where will you find an impressive array of dramatic colors in full-size slabs? Consider visiting the showroom of Legacy Marble & Granite in Findlay, OH. Stroll among the huge pieces of stone, sip some espresso, and savor the variety of possibilities on display. Will there be something new? Most likely as they continually source exciting pieces from around the globe destined to make your kitchen or bath completely your own.

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