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The Changing Landscape of High-Definition Laminate Countertops

Is it time to retire your old kitchen? You dream of a gorgeous expanse of stone counters but balk at the price. There is an affordable option. The Countertop Shop in Monclova offers Wilsonart HD Laminates that can turn your renovation project into an upscale kitchen without breaking the budget. If you hesitate at using laminates, think again. This century-old product has embraced new technologies turning it into a contemporary solution.

What is HD Laminate?

HD laminate is known as high-definition laminate. It features new patterns that mimic natural stone or wood without looking like a cheap replacement. New technologies have improved its glossy shine and increased its hardness. This is not your grandmother’s kitchen!

Where can I Use HD Laminate?

It performs very well in:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Workshops
  • Desktops
  • Garages
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Commercial Settings

Basically, anywhere that you need a countertop that will be subjected to dirt, constant use, food, and even warm pots and pans.

Longer Lasting than Older Countertops

There are two common types of updated laminates that are often referred to as HD laminate. The first type adds a scratch-resistant top layer to the traditional laminating process that triples its durability. The second is actually a high-pressure laminate that adds a layer of melamine to the laminate, also increasing its strength and performance. Both deliver a beautiful working surface able to last up to 20 years–nearly as long as any stone countertop.

New Printing Process Creates Non-Repeating Designs

Laminates made back in the day may have had some specks or sparkles scattered across its surface. When stone countertops took over the home counter industry, the demand for a more natural-looking laminate surface increased. Except the old laminate printers generally create a pattern that clearly repeated every two to three feet–which left an unnatural look. Larger printers, smarter software, and a commitment to the changing landscape of home design have created stone patterns for HD laminate that are nearly impossible to detect.

The Most Affordable Option for Your Home or Rental Unit

If it looks like stone and resists scratches almost as well as stone, does it cost like stone? No! Laminates still begin life using layers of paper and resin to build up its hardworking surface. Even with the new HD technologies, you can expect to spend two-thirds less than a typical granite countertop. Yes, you can afford to do a complete kitchen makeover when you save thousands by choosing an HD laminate counter.

Come see a huge selection of laminates and HD laminates when you visit the showroom at The Countertop Shop in Monclova. Put the samples side-by-side to granite, marble, and quartz and make the best-informed decision for your home or income property renovation.

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