2 Ways to Format USB Correctly and Safely

2 Ways to Format USB Correctly and Safely

Formatting is a great way to quickly erase or fix problems with USB flash drives, and in this article, we’ll show you several ways to format a USB flash drive on Windows 10.

How to Format a Flash Drive on a Windows Laptop via File Explorer

You can use the following flash format method on laptops with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 operating systems.

But if you use a laptop with another operating system such as Linux or MacOS then the method will be slightly different but basically the same.

In this guide you only need the File Explorer software which is already available on every Windows laptop so you don’t need to install any software anymore.

Don’t worry because you don’t need to use the troublesome CMD because File Explorer in the latest version of Windows is enough to format a flash drive with problems such as a write protected flash and an unreadable flash.

Here are the steps:

  • The first step is to insert the flash drive into the USB port of your computer or laptop and then open File Explorer.
  • If the flash has been detected, the name of your flash will appear. Right-click the mouse button on the name of your flash drive and select Format….
  • After that a small window will appear containing the format settings. In general, you don’t need to change any existing settings except for the Volume Label which will be the new name of your flash drive after formatting. Click the Start button to start the flash format process.
  • The last step is a warning that all data on the flash will be erased. If you are sure you want to format the flash drive then click the OK button.
  • Wait for the formatting process to complete.

How to Format a Flash Drive on an Android Phone With USB OTG

This flash format method can be very useful if you don’t have a laptop but need to format the flash drive as soon as possible.

In this guide, Gadgetlogy uses a xiaomi brand android phone. First, make sure that your cellphone supports USB OTG in the way that GadgetLogi has listed at the beginning of the article.

Here are the steps:

  • Prepare USB OTG and flash which will be formatted and HP android.
  • If so, plug the flash drive into the cellphone port using USB OTG. Wait a few moments until a message appears that the flash is detected by your cellphone.
  • Enter the Settings menu (Settings).
  • Then look for the Storage menu in the SYSTEM SETTINGS section.
  • Then search for “USB DRIVE (Your Flashdisk Brand)” and select Clean USB storage to format the flash.
  • Then you will enter the Format as portable storage section. Here there is also a warning that all data on the flash will be deleted without exception. Make sure to first backup important data on the flash if you don’t want to lose important data. If you are sure, please press the Delete & format button.

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Hope so you understood how to format USB with 2 methods. For more information, kindly subscribe, the blog. Thanks for reading!

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