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What should you know about Boxing Gloves? A Brief Guide

Gloves with combat sports have a history that goes way back in time. The use of Boxing gloves in boxing and MMA fights is to ensure relative safety for both opponents. Infinitude Fight believes gloves are the most important part of every boxing equipment set, and rightly so. 

The gloves are crucial to your safety while you practice your craft or when you throw power punches one after another. The gloves disperse the impact forces to a larger surface area safeguarding. Your knuckles and reducing the piercing power of such impacts. 

Boxing Gloves 

When you decide to buy boxing gloves. You need to know what type and features will suit your needs the best. The wrong glove type for a high-risk sport – such as boxing – can ruin a boxer’s career and leave life-altering injuries. 

Hands, wrists, and nerve injuries take a lot of time to heal and require constant medical attention. Making these injuries an expensive affair, both time taking and financially burdensome. So, it is incredibly important that you find the right pair that fits you best and offers premium comfort. 

What qualities of the gloves should you look out for? 

This brief guide is for beginner combat fighters and enthusiasts looking for a quality glove pair – either for general training or competitions. In this article, you will learn about the different features of gloves. 

What factors distinguish expensive gloves from cheaper variants?

Mostly price factors are a pretty good clue about the make and quality of the gloves. If the price is on the higher spectrum, the quality likewise will also be better. However, this rule might not work out every time, but this is the case 8 out of 10 times. 

Take products of a famous brand and compare their prices to the products of relatively lesser-known brands, undoubtedly you will see famous brands are on the more expensive side. So while you go out to shop next time, focus on boxing gloves price points, as they are the easiest quality indicator. 

Additionally, stay rational in your search, and please don’t assume that you will find gloves made with natural leather for less than $25. Genuine natural leather gloves go above and beyond $60 to $200. Suppose you are just starting out in the world of boxing. In that case, we understand the feeling of getting starry-eyed while wearing higher-quality expensive gloves, but investing in such expensive variants is not recommended for beginners unless money is not a concern for you. 

Buy Boxing Gloves 

Want the best tips for finding the perfect pair of gloves? – It is ok to make mistakes; even the best professional fighters make some mistakes while buying gloves. So don’t be too disappointed if you happen to make a mistake or two in the beginning. Such things are bound to happen no matter how experienced one is. 

Below are some tips and tricks that will help you avoid/minimize mistakes when you buy boxing gloves

Don’t go for Bag Gloves – On the whole, bag gloves are much cheaper than other variants, primarily because they are not on the same level as sparring or training gloves in terms of durability. 

Such variants are manufactured from materials that are not quite durable; additionally, the protection you get from these gloves is pretty minimal. If you plan to use the traditional bag gloves for casual bag work, these variants will work fine and will last you a while. On the other hand, if you train regularly or do heavy bag training, then traditional bag gloves will be nothing but trouble. 

Additionally, you won’t be able to use these variants for sparring, as their padding is a very thick foam that can inflict harder hits/blows than specific sparring gloves. We suggest going for gloves that can double for bag work and sparring simultaneously; without a doubt, such gloves are the best option for beginners. 

Is a brand name only a name? 

Even if you are an enthusiast of higher-end glove brands we would never suggest such gloves to beginners. As such gloves are way too expensive and are primarily used in competitions. So, for gym sessions, daily sparring, and training sessions, go for lesser-priced variants – best known for extreme durability and comprehensive hand protection. 

If you are not sure about a brand, we recommend researching their products before you buy. It is pretty straightforward to do your personal research about a brand and its product quality in this day and age. You just have to know the right platforms. 

Is a Proper fit necessary? 

No tools of protection – including the gloves –  will offer you guaranteed 100% protection from injuries. Gloves are just another factor among many which can result in an injury. Other factors like an improper punching technique and wrong fitted gloves are the most common among many. You can work on your proper techniques with appropriate training rituals to minimize the risk factors of an injury, though this will take some time. Still, wearing a properly fitted glove and hand wraps underneath it will definitely protect you from most avoidable injuries. 

When it comes to specific boxing equipment, boxing gloves are the most common and popular tools used in MMA, boxing, kickboxing, and Muay-Thai. It is crucial to have a pair of gloves that shall last you a long. While, plus offers you premium comfort and protection. As the gloves are specially built and designed to block your opponent’s strikes in the form of kicks and punches. The variants need to have excellent padding in all areas. 


We hope you will be able to make an informed decision for your next gloves spree with this guide. Follow the steps above that elaborate on the features of a perfect glove. Remember every glove type is perfect, which suits your specific needs.

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