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7 easy ways to make customized shirt boxes within limited budget

Packaging is not just a means to box in your product; in fact, it goes a long way in communicating a brand with its audience. Its integration with the digital marketing campaigns leaves no stone turned around in augmenting the exposure of a brand to a wider pool of target customers. No doubt, its design is central to improve your present business image, but it can turn out to be a costly investment if you do not follow the rules. For striking the right balance between conveying your brand personality through shirt boxes and management of budget, read this write-up. 

Embrace minimal designing:

There should not be any doubt that designing the custom printed shirt boxes involves cost, but you can have better control over the price by making some apt decisions. One such decision is to avoid overdoing your design by embracing high-end graphics and engaging layouts. Rather, go for a minimalistic approach that does not backfire on you in terms of cost as well as creating an impression. Some of you might think that it is a suggestion to make your packages boring. The idea here is not to make them look dull but to make a wise visual elements selection that is simple yet attractive. For example, the selection of low-saturation hues, simple but attractive graphics or fonts, etc., helps you stay within your budget with a guaranteed graceful product presentation. 

Choose custom sleeve option:

The custom sleeve is perhaps the best design that assures you a unique way to present your products. It is a cost-efficient design that provides you the flexibility to personalize it for your shirts. It consists of a slider that is carrying the product and opens inside out, thus, enhancing the unboxing experience of the customers. It takes only a small investment for the production because its size or dimensions are smaller as compared to the full-sized packaging for the shirts. What is more, you can reflect the constructive side of your business as well because the sleeves are quite reusable, and with their unique design impression, they compel the customers to not throw them away. 

Favor right printing option:

Printing is a deterministic factor in the overall attraction capability of the shirt packaging boxes, but it can sometimes cost you too much. To reduce the cost, it is not wise to opt for low-quality printing options as you will lose the power to make an impression on the customers. High-quality printing techniques are cost-savvy, too, provided that you have done a little bit of research on them. The offset printing, for instance, is a good option, but not for the low-volume orders as it requires a lot of initial setup costs. Go for this option only when you have to print the shirt packages in bulk to save your costs and produce excellent printing results. 

Prefer fewer manufacturing materials:

In the production of custom shirt boxes USA, the cardboard and Kraft are selected for an increased level of protection. Regardless of the fact that how many layers you are selecting for these materials, they are going to provide the same protection as they are solid and durable. However, increasing the cardboard or Kraft paper layers in your packaging will definitely cost you more price. So, be wise and prefer using the single layers of manufacturing material while constructing your shirt packages. 

The die-cut design saves more:

Designing the shirt packaging boxes with a translucent window provides you with two main advantages. At first, it increases the attraction factor because you are providing the customers a direct view of the shirts, thus, removing their concern about the quality, if any. And secondly, it helps you in saving more costs since a part of the box is cut during this process. This reduces the consumption of paper material in the production of packaging. The cut part is substituted with the PVC material that is generally very less in cost. 

Multi-structure designing approach:

Generally, the manufacturers have to purchase boxes in numbers equivalent to their products which can turn out to be a large investment. This large spending can be turned into a low cost with the help of custom shirt boxes wholesale. As these packages have the ability to get customized in every style, you can take maximum benefit from it by adding some layers of paper inside to make partitions inside them. With such a type of design, you would not need to spend on the packaging need of every product as a number of items can be placed inside depending upon the number of partitions. 

Single-color approach:

Instead of printing the shirt packages with multiple colors that utilize more printing inks, go with a single-color approach as it will cost you less. A single color is enough to create an impression with your overall box look, provided that you make a wise decision in this regard. The color psychology studies have proved a lot of time that the colors of larger wavelengths such as red, yellow, blue, and ink work best when they are utilized individually rather than mixing them up with some other hues. So, select one of these hues for your box design for a more stunning impact on the eyes of buyers and save yourself from the need to spend too much money on the colors.While designing the shirt boxes, it is essential for the businesses to find the ways that cost them less but provide them exceptional results in the end. Minimal designing, die-cut designing, and making multi-structural designs are some of the top ways to be successful in this regard. Besides, single-color methodology and finding the correct type of printing options are also critical in this process. 

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