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Info to Gain Before Having Adult Circumcision Cosmetic Surgery

Men face many insecurities during their lifetime, and they make a lot of effort to improve their appearance. One of the most common efforts that men do is have cosmetic surgeries. This might come to you as a surprise that adult circumcision surgery is also done for cosmetic reasons.

Info About Adult Circumcision Surgery for Cosmetic Reasons

When you plan to have circumcision surgery because of cosmetic reasons, then you have to know everything about the surgical procedure. The things that will be discussed in the next coming points are the benefits, risks, safety precautions, recovery, time taken, and the surgery cost.

Other Reasons for Circumcision Surgery

There are other reasons for having the surgery other than cosmetics one. These have more importance because they give health benefits and are a part of some religious and cultural communities. The health benefits of circumcision are protecting from STIs and STDs, preventing UTI, penile, and prostate cancer.

The Procedure of the Surgery is the Same

Although the reasons for having the surgery are different, the procedure and the tools used are the same. The surgeon will mark the skin to be cut and then administer anesthesia. The surgeon will use different tools and techniques to remove the extra skin covering the tip of the penis.

Techniques Used for the Surgery

The best adult circumcision surgeon will use three techniques to remove the foreskin from the penis.

  • The Dorsal-slit is the oldest way of removing the foreskin from the tip. The skin is removed from the upper part of the penis and then stitched back.
  • In the sleeve technique, the skin is removed circularly.
  • Another method used is cosmetic proximal, in which the skin is removed from the base of the penis.

Advantages the Patient Gain

The only purpose of the surgery is to make the penis look more attractive. But there are underlying health benefits that men gain after it. These prevent the development of UTI, STIs, and STDs. Also, other chronic illnesses like prostate, cervical, and penile cancers are avoided.

Who can Have Circumcision Surgery for Adults?

Men of every age who are healthy and are unsatisfied with the appearance of their penis can have the surgery. But when they come to know the benefits of this surgery, they focus more on the health advantages. The men who have various other health conditions have to inform the surgeon.

What Should Safety Precautions be Taken?

When you are visiting medical facilities like Circumcision Center, the surgeon will give you important advice on different surgery steps that you should look into carefully. These are not taking blood-thinning medications, prohibiting drinking and smoking, and taking a healthy diet. These precautions will help you throughout the surgical procedure.

How will the Patient Recover Post-Surgery?

You need to know what to do after the surgery to make the healing period easy and uncomplicated. Some of the instructions are mentioned in the above point. Other instructions that need to e followed are wearing loose-fitted clothes, keeping the penis clean, and avoiding rigorous exercises.

Will There be Pain During Surgery?

You should not worry about the pain during and after the surgical procedure. This will not happen because the surgeon will administer anesthesia before starting the procedure and painkillers after surgery. If you experience little pain, it will go away within two to three days.

Time Taken to Complete the Procedure

It has been mentioned in the above point that the surgeon uses three methods of circumcision surgery, including the Dorsal-Slit, Sleeve technique, and cosmetic proximal. For all three methods, an average time of one hour is taken, starting from the pre-surgery preparation till the release of the patient.

Risks Involved in Cosmetic Circumcision Surgery

Little risk is involved in all surgeries, and circumcision is no exception. The risks that a patient might face after the surgery include; bleeding, infection in the incision area, reaction to medicines and anesthesia, and wrong foreskin length being cut. These complications will go within a few weeks of the surgery.

Duration of Healing the Wound

It will take one or a maximum of two weeks to heal the circumcision wound properly. The patients have to be careful when taking care after the surgery because not caring for the circumcision incision might complicate the healing process.

How to Prepare for the Surgery?

The patient must restrict himself from smoking, drinking, and taking blood-thining medications a few weeks before the surgery. On the day of the surgery, the patient should take a bath in the morning, wear loose-fitted clothes, and accompany the patient.

What is the Cost of Circumcision Cosmetic Surgery?

The cost of cosmetic adult circumcision surgery includes the cost of anesthesia, medication, tools, the fee of the surgeon and other medical staff, and the price of a night’s stay if required. The actual cost will differ from clinic to clinic.
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These are the most important information that you should have before having cosmetic circumcision surgery for adults.

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