City Of Dreams

Taste The Essence Of The City Of Dreams At Every Stop You Make To Take A Break!

Mumbai is a city where people love to flock. The city welcomes people of all classes with open arms. Whether you are skilled, unskilled, educated or not, the city has some space in it for you. Yes, the city is known for the space congestion, but even then you will surely find a place to sleep.  If you wish to realize the actual meaning of hustle-bustle, then there is no other place like Mumbai. The city refuses to halt or take a pause, whatever the circumstance be. The city never fails to astonish its residents. Dreams of so many people are backed by the city in several ways.

The Must Watch Places-

You will find eye-catching scenery at every corner of the city. The following places are just the well-known ones. You will spot beauty and spark in the eyes of a child living in the dweller. So make sure you keep your eyes open on the go as well.

  • The first and the most attractive spot where every Mumbaikar loves to spend time. It is none other but the Marine drive. The place is lovingly called marines by its visitors. It is a place where people with empty pockets can come and relax. The rustling leaves and sound of winds soothe the mind like nothing else. You can spend hours there without moving an inch. In case you happen to see the sunset there, you will fall in love with the place then and there.
  • The next place is the Gateway that is a few minutes drive from Marine Drive. The place is rich in culture and heritage. Despite it being built decades back, the place still has the taste of the history that it holds. The architect of the place got literal in deciding the name of the place, as it was the entry point of the viceroys in India.
  • People in Mumbai are indeed quite modern but at heart, they are as pious as one could imagine. You need to visit religious places like Haji Ali, Siddhivinayak Temple, etc., where people of all religions come and make prayers with a similar faith. How surprising it is, that the place that can divide people is uniting them in Mumbai.
  • How can one miss out on the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus recently changed to the Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus? The station was built during the reign of Queen Victoria and hence you will hear people still referring it to as VT that is the Victoria Terminus. You can visit the station only if you have a strong heart. No, do not worry; there is nothing dangerous about it. Just that you will see swarms of people walking in and out of the station at any time of the day. 

It is impossible to incorporate the beauty of Mumbai in a single article. As aforesaid, the city is not just for the white-collared. It is also known for the Mumbai Escort Service. The city believes in just one religion that is of humanity. People are willing to serve you in whichever way so that they have food on their plates. Mumbai respects every profession that its residents are occupied in. The people proudly call themselves Mumbaikars for the same reason. You will not see discrimination between anybody who is working in the city, for the city.

People are so open-minded here that you can discuss almost everything anywhere. Whether you want a place to live or a call girl, you shall have posters of it on the walls. You will have the number of the Andheri Escorts written right in front of a liquor shop. It may sound weird, but every bit of this makes Mumbai what it is.

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