2021 Interior Design Trends for Your Living Room

Like clothing, styles go in and out of fashion when it comes to interior décor. Whether you are planning to redecorate or setting up a new home, the number of options can be easily overwhelming. The glamorous pages of the magazines no more have to remain limited to those pages. Over everything, your living room is a space you’ll want and love to relax in, so design the space as your own. And here are some 2021 interior décor trends that you can try:

A Green Living Room

Having our lives restrained to our homes, people have turned to bring the outside inside. This means green potted plants, larger pieces are making a comeback in 2021, and numbers. Instead of placing one or two small plants at a distance, make your greens the center of focus and let them boost your décor.

Curves and Casual

For recent years straight lines have been a consistent attractive factor for homes. However when you think of a warm and comfortable place. This is why curves are replacing straight lines to give that needed soft edge. Circular coffee tables with round/oval mirrors, sofa designs with the soft curve and fabrics, artwork with rounder frames.

Maximalist Style

While minimalism will always be in, maximalist fashion has currently climbed up the interior décor trends. Bold patterns on the walls, velvety sofas, checkered and other bold patterned rugs, vibrant artwork, and more. For instance, you can go for bold and statement ceilings with colors, patterns, artwork on them than the plain whitewash.

Earthy Splash

2021 is all about embracing warmer earthy hues. Colors of concrete, sand, browns, and beiges, these grounding shades are taking over. Moreover warmer colors as such tend to have a more positive influence on your mind than cooler and duller tones. Furniture, accessories, and all keeping your living room in similar accents can provide it the needed look.

Multipurpose Furniture

A living room doesn’t have to be a space where you only relax. And that is where multipurpose furniture shines. For instance, you can opt for a sectional sofa that is good for movies, sleepovers as well as when you have to work or study. The sofa set price covers and saves you the expense of investing in multiple pieces of furniture. Similarly, instead of opting for a traditional coffee table, you can opt for a design that can be a desk for your workstation as well as good for your morning coffee.


This year, layers have taken the internet at a frenzy and that is the case for either jewelry or interior décor. For instance, layered lighting can give your room a different ambiance around the day. When you have guests over you can use the ceiling fixtures. When the room is vacant, you can keep a light shade on, a lamp for your work, or dim lighting to just relax in. Layers can be with anything, your furniture, your artwork, and your accessories such as rugs and so on and it can add the much-needed elegant touch to your living room appeal.

Use these trends as and which impresses you and personalize your living room to its best colors and condition. Happy decorating!

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