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6 Valuable Computer Skills Employers Are Looking For

Do you work in a clerical or administrative role in a business? Perhaps you’re looking for an office job, and you want to know what attributes employers want from applicants. These days, computer skills are not only sought after, but in many cases are considered essential to most roles. If you’re looking for a new job, developing your computer skills is a necessity.

If you have worked for IT support services companies, then you will probably have excellent computer skills. But you can also learn a wide range of computer skills independently, which will definitely help you with your career. In general, computer skills can be split into two categories: Hardware skills & software skills.


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Hardware skills are very valuable in business. It refers to any type of knowledge or expertise related to physical technology – including desktop and laptop PCs, printers, routers, etc. Some businesses may choose to partner with an IT support company that can manage their IT for them. But say you are joining a small business, or even a start-up; these smaller businesses will definitely appreciate having someone with experience and knowledge of hardware, that can help them setup and manage their IT.

  1. Internet Connectivity

An office – and indeed any business, wherever they operate – relies on the internet for work. It’s almost impossible to compete in today’s business world without using the internet. For this reason, having hardware knowledge relating to internet connectivity is very valuable.

Internet connectivity knowledge pertains to both the router and the computers that connect to the router – both can experience issues that effect a business’ ability to connect to the internet, and so having someone on hand to troubleshoot and then fix the issue is important. Some business’ may rely on the support of their internet provider, but they will save time with someone in-house who has the necessary skills.

  • Configuring Drivers & Components

Businesses use a wide range of hardware. Not just PCs, but routers, printers, scanners, external hard drives, speakers, microphones, monitors & TVs, the list can go on and on. Due to the fact that all PCs and peripheral devices are different, drivers are required for any device that is connected to a computer – it is what essentially teaches the computer to operate the device that is connected to it.

A business needs to be able to set up all of their PCs and devices efficiently, so having someone with knowledge of device and driver configuration will make setting up technology in the office easier.


Every single business will use some form of software; and furthermore, they will probably have a preferred type of each kind of software they use. For instance, there might be two brands of accounting software, and a business prefers one for its user interface. Having a diverse knowledge of software will reassure employers that you will be accustomed to their workflows as soon as you join the organisation.

  • OS Literacy

The operating system is the software that every computer requires in order to function and be usable by people. There are a few different brands of operating system, which each have their own unique user interface, and range of settings. Many businesses use just one brand of operating system for all their computers, whereas others may use multiple – either way, it is worth learning about a range of different operating systems, and getting deep into their settings.

  • Social Media

Social media has become a near-essential component of marketing in the business world. More than half of the global population uses social media, and so it is a rich source of data and a great way to connect directly with target audiences and customers. Using social media in a way that takes advantage of the algorithms and helps a business maximise their exposure and customer engagement is all part of having expertise in social media. This is a very valuable skill nowadays.

  • Website Builders

Every business should have a website; and luckily, there are plenty of options for people that aren’t web developers to build websites. Web Building sites such as WordPress are the easiest way to create a professional website. If you have a truly in-depth knowledge of a web builder, you can create very impressive sites, and that’s what businesses want. So gaining knowledge and experience of web builders is a valuable skill.

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