2 Foundation practitioner certification

10 Questions to ask before enrolling for Prince 2 Foundation practitioner certification?

1. What is PRINCE2 Certification? 

From project management professionals, the PRINCE2 Certification is the most preferred certification. The full form of PRINCE2 is Project IN Controlled Environments. For project management, PRINCE2 is known to be the best practice framework. Within the assigned budget, it helps to deliver the project on time. With a detailed as well as thorough planning, the projects which are developed while using PRINCE2 Methodology are started. As we know, every stage has clearly defined with the middle, start, and the end is the structure for the project. Rather than carrying out activities, it’s essential to deliver products. After the project gets completed, then rest, all things are wrapped up as well as loose ends are tied up. 

2. What are the key features of PRINCE2 Certification? 

Here are given some features of PRINCE2 Certification: 

• Business Justification is the main focus. 

•  For the project management team, there is an organizational structure that is neatly defined. 

• On the product, the planning approach is majorly based. 

• Into manageable as well as controllable stages, the project is divided. 

• In project work, it helps in maintaining consistency. 

• The project modules’ reusability is enhanced.

• At any level, the flexibility is applied, which will be appropriate to the project. 

• From the project management professionals, it is widely organized as well as understood. 

• For project management, it is considered an invaluable diagnostic tool. 

3. What are the different levels of the plan in PRINCE2 Methodology? 

There are about four-level in the plan: 

  • Project Planning:  With planned costs as well as a business case is provided by Project Plan. With all other control points and used while identifying stages in the project. For monitoring or focusing the project progress, the Project Board is used as a baseline. 
  • Stage Plan: There are different products, resources, activities, as well as control, which is covered by Stage Plan, and in a particular stage, there are specific, and for baseline, it’s used for focusing the stage progress. 
  • Team Plan: As the project plan or stage plan, we don’t need to follow this as this Team Plans are optional. 
  • Exception Plan: In order to show the project stages recovered in the exception plans and also in the case in the project, there is breached or stage tolerance. 

4. For directing a project, what are the various goals? 

Some objectives are given below while directing a project process: 

• For initiating a project, it holds the authority. 

• For the project’s deliverables, it holds the authority for delivering. 

• Throughout the project’s lifestyle in the project management, it is providing with better direction as control. 

• In the project, there is an availability of a properly structured interface for corporate or program management. 

• To close or shut down the project, it holds the authority. 

• In the method for post-project benefits are managed as reviewed as per plans. 

5.What are the seven themes of PRINCE2?

Below are the seven themes:

• Business Case

• Organization

• Quality

• Risk

• Planning

• Change

• Progress

6.What are the seven processes of PRINCE2?

Below are the seven processes:

• Starting Up A Project (SU)

• Initiating A Project (IP)

• Directing A Project (DP)

• Managing Product Delivery (MP)

• Controlling A Stage (CS)

• Managing A Stage Boundary (SB)

• Closing A Project (CP)

7.What are the seven principles of PRINCE2?

Below are the seven principles:

• Business Justification

• Learn From Experience

• Defined Roles & Responsibilities

• Manage By Stages

• Manage By Exception

• Focus On Products

• Tailor To Suit The Project

8. Who can go for Prince2?

Those who are into Design, Development as well as Delivery of projects can go for this certification, which will be useful for the people. Those who are in a project manager or have planning for being in it then can go for the PRINCE2 Certification. There is some need which is to be known in PRINCE2 CERTIFICATION then below are given roles: 

• Member of a Project Board- Senior Manager

• Product Delivery Manager

• Project Assurance Group Member

• Project Office or a Project Management Office personnel

9. How does Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner Certification help an organization?

For an individual, there is a PRINCE2 Foundation as well as practitioners certification and not for any organization. There is an organization with benefits:

• The dependable uniform approach doesn’t surprise the user in any way.

• The candidates will get a proper and well-defined concept to close, deliver, and initiate.

• The candidates need to plan, evaluate, and analyse where they are and which should be the place they must be.

• The main principle of the Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner credential is that the following makes sure the project satisfies all the requirements and demands of the business.

10. What are the various steps involved in directing a project?

The Directing Project involves various activities such as:

• Supporting a project

• Accepting the results or final outcomes

• Providing approval from the management

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