Motorcycle Tire Comparison 2022

When the motorcycle season starts in summer, the machine should be ready to go. The battery needs to be reinstalled and possibly charged. The vehicle is then tested for its road safety, whereby the light, horn, brake, and all turn signals are checked.

Tests show that intact motorcycle tires are indispensable for safe participation in road traffic. In cornering positions and during braking, the tires must provide a firm grip with proper grip, so that you do not slip away with your machine and risk an accident. Find out more about the requirements for good motorcycle tires in our purchase advice.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our motorcycle tire comparison 2022

The most important in a nutshell

  • Motorcycle tires are not only available in different sizes, but also for every weather condition. So you can buy motorcycle tires for the winter as well as summer. But you can also get all-season tires in the trade.
  • In addition to the tire size, which must necessarily fit your machine, the tread depth of motorcycle tires is important. The tires should always be chosen in such a way that they offer you the best possible grip.
  • If you use your motorcycle in any weather, the motorcycle tires should be able to cope with slippery surfaces and wet roads in addition to rain. If you are off-road, use off-road tires.

Anyone who likes to ride a lot of motorcycles knows what is important. In addition to driving pleasure and speed, it is above all about safety when riding a motorcycle. In addition to your own protective clothing, a roadworthy motorcycle with the right tires is of great importance.

In our motorcycle tire comparison 2022 at AUTO BILD, you will learn what you need to know about the minimum tread depth of motorcycle tires and the correct dimensions of motorcycle tires such as dimensions of motorcycle tires in inches. Start the season with us: Take advantage of our detailed purchase advice and read all about the most important purchase criteria for motorcycle tires.

Get ready for the start of the season with the best motorcycle tires

When the days get longer and the sun sets later, motorcyclists pull out their machines after work and on weekends and reconquer the roads. After a thorough check of the machine including the motorcycle tires of the Suzuki Bandit or another motorcycle brand, it is then off to the track or off-road.

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While either summer tires or all-season tires are suitable for normal road conditions, you will need so-called off-road tires for off-road conditions. This type of tire is particularly suitable for off-road use, as they offer a secure grip even on uneven ground. However, they are less suitable for driving on road asphalt. Normal summer tires have a harder rubber compound and a deeper tread. In this way, rainwater can be discharged better and faster, which is absolutely necessary for driving safety.

Winter tires, on the other hand, come with a much softer rubber compound. In addition, this type of motorcycle tire has more tread, so that even in snow, mud, and ice a good grip is guaranteed. All-season tires, as the name suggests, can be driven all year round. However, this variant is more suitable for Sunday drivers than for real professionals, as the driving performance of all-season tires also leaves much to be desired.

Tip: If you do not have the opportunity to store your summer or winter tires safely, ask for workshops. Often car and motorcycle workshops offer this service for a small flat rate. A rim tree also offers otherwise, with which the tires can be stowed in quite economical space.

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