Framed or frameless kitchen cabinets: which one is better?

Framed or frameless kitchen cabinets: which one is better?

Your cabinets are the face of your kitchen. So, they will set the overall tone of your area. Whatever style you choose, the cabinet boxes will shape the final outlook. That is why it is vital to select the arrangement of your cabinetry. In general, there are two types of cabinet construction: the first is a framed one, and the other one is frameless kitchen cabinets.  

When choosing the best layout for your kitchen, you have to decide between these two cabinet styles. The main distinction is the cabinet boxes. Boxes and frames support these cabinets. However, the other ones are individual boxes, ready to install. Well, both styles offer quality and performance. 

Moreover, it is much better to draw some points of difference to get an idea. So, here are some things to know which one is better for you:

  1. Appearance
  2. Their style
  3. Strength and durability
  4. Storage space
  5. Installation
  6. Cost
Cabinet Types: Frameless vs. Framed
  1. Appearance:

The types of cabinets that come with face frames are framed cabinets. Also, you have three main choices for these cabinet doors: full overlay, half overlay, and inset doors. All three styles are entirely varied forms of door styles. Well, you might find them typical, but you can achieve any look with them. Also, these cabinets have a 1-1/2 inch frame face.  

On the other hand, frameless cabinets are frame-free structures. Their doors are directly attached to the side face of the cabinet doors. So, they do not have a huge box to reveal or surround. That is why this cabinet style looks cleaner and minimal than the framed ones. Also, their face frame depends on their storage space. 

  1. Their style:

First of all, framed cabinets are sturdy and the most traditional cabinet style. They have long been there in typical American and Asian homes. Also known as traditional-style doors, their making is stable and sturdy. You can never go wrong with this construction style. 

On the contrary, frameless cabinets are more European-style cabinets. Modern cabinetry is minimal and ideal for studio homes. That is why most homeowners prefer these cabinets for their cooking areas. With no additional frames, these cabinets have simple boxes with direct doors. If you want less of the hassle, go for this modern style.

  1. Strength and durability:

Both the cabinet styles are durable on their levels, but one may have more positives than the other. The thing is that framed cabinets may have a thinner box and thicker frame or vice versa. In this way, one may be sturdy than the other. So, it marks the weakness in these cabinets. But, that is not always the case, as most framed cabinets last longer.

In contrast, frameless cabinets have only one box. That is why you do not have to divide their area or thickness. In this way, frameless kitchen cabinets offer more longevity than framed ones. Also, the thicker the wood, the durable it is. And the best part is that they do not need support to carry the weight of the frame. 

  1. Storage space:

In general, the storage of both cabinets depends upon the space you give them. However, many people believe that frameless cabinets offer more space than framed ones. The reason is that the frame and the box of framed cabinets occupy much space. On the other hand, frameless cabinet boxes attach separately to the wall. So, the latter ones have full access to the wall. But, the former cabinets block some of the storage space. So, you have to choose the easier storage option.

  1. Installation:

Generally, more installers are familiar with the installation of framed cabinets. So, it all depends on the maker than the installer. If the construction is good, installing them is not an issue. In addition, the wall’s consistency is also vital to discuss. It is tricky to install cabinets on a tilted wall. Framed cabinets are best for slanted or uneven walls as the frame will offer much support. 

In contrast, frameless cabinets are better to install on an even wall rather than the tilted ones. Also, you need smaller screws to fix the doors to the box. But, the issue is that fewer people know how to install this latest cabinet design. So, both have their benefits in the installation process.

  1. Costs:

Whatever wood type you choose will decide the cost of your cabinets. So, framed cabinets have two main areas, the frame and the box. You can manage the wood and its thickness anywhere. So, it might cost you within your budget. But, frameless cabinets are much thicker than the previous ones. That is why they need quality material to last longer. So, these modern-style cabinets will cost you more than the traditional American style. 

How much do frameless kitchen cabinets cost?

For frameless cabinets, the cabinets themselves cost around $3,570. And the same cabinets will cost $2,740 with a face frame. It makes the total of $5,570 for frameless cabinets and framed cabinets $4,740, on average.


That’s it for the contrast. Now, you have solid points for both cabinets. If you want more thickness, a contemporary outlook, go for frameless kitchen cabinets. But, if you want a decent face frame with traditional style, opt for framed cabinets. For a budget-friendly talk, consider the above-given prices for both. Whatever design you choose, go to Columbus cabinets city for quality products. 

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