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Effective Pain Management: Giving Your Pet the Best Life Possible

You may not know what is wrong with your cat or dog, but you surely see something is different. Perhaps your pet is more tired than usual or less likely to jump and play. Maybe you notice your pet doesn’t want to sit on the sofa with you anymore or refuses to climb into bed, fearing a painful and jarring jump to get off the bed.

Whatever the signs may be, it can be challenging to diagnose and treat a pet in pain. Working through a painful injury or degenerative diseases like arthritis or hip dysplasia can be tricky. Finding the right therapy and medication to keep your pet comfortable and pain-free requires a skilled and professional team.

At Perrysburg Animal Care, we offer a wide range of pain management solutions for your pet. We offer different medication options, from short-term medication to help ease the pain after a surgical procedure to low-dose long-term medication to help pets suffering from arthritis. Additionally, we can also suggest many natural supplements and vitamins that may help restore and lubricate soft tissues in joints. We also have state-of-the-art alternative pain management treatment options like physical therapy and acupuncture for your pet.

The first step to getting your pet the help it needs is talking to our professional veterinary team members. Working together, our team will create a customized treatment plan to help get your pet the care and comfort they need to be healthy and happy. To set up your initial evaluation, give us a call at 567-402-6061 today.

Is Your Cat Suffering In Silence? Get Pain Management Solutions Today

Arthritis in cats is difficult to detect and can be even harder to treat. This disease is long called the silent killer because cats will suffer from debilitating pain before their owners realize a problem. But, with a keen eye and vigilant observations, you may be able to detect and treat your cat’s painful arthritis with pain management techniques and treatments.

Many owners will notice a gradual change in their cat’s behavior as they become older. Over time, your cat may be more reluctant to jump onto your lap or jump up to long-time favorite perches throughout the house. The jarring impact from jumping off ledges or tables may be too much for your cat’s joints to take. As arthritis is left to worsen, your cat’s joints could become inflamed, causing your cat pain.

The team at Perrysburg Animal Care appreciates that even the very best cat owners may not notice their cat is in pain. We are happy to check your pet’s joints during our routine health check and learn about changes in your cat’s behavior that may indicate your cat is suffering. Our team offers an alternative, comprehensive pain management option to help treat your cat. From traditional medications to alternative medications like CBD oil and natural supplements, our team is dedicated to helping you, and your cat find real solutions.

To learn more about how we can help with pain management, reach out to a member of our caring team today by calling 567-402-6061.

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