perfume on Beard

Can you Apply perfume on Beard?

Men all over the world are now investing money in their grooming and looks the once renowned and celebrated idea that these self-care products are for women is long discarded in this era. These days men are equally putting effort in looking good as women do. There are as many skin products in the market for men as there were once for the women.

Beard being a millennial trend:

The millennial trend is that men globally are into growing their beard. But growing beard is not an easy as you have to tame it and take care of it. Be ignorant towards it for once and it will ruin your overall attire and gives you a wild look that is unacceptable professionally and gives off vibes that say you were just not interested in looking presentable.

Men’s brand introducing different beard fragrances:

Now that the men’s brands have launches beard mist, beard colognes, beard oil, and men perfume there is a huge variety for men to choose for themselves things that suit them well. Fragrances that complement their style and become an extension of their personality the scents you wear make you memorable and make people turn their head towards you. Now, since there are countless beard perfumes and beard oil there is a constant tug of war what to choose and what exactly is best for you your beard and your skin.

Beard Oils:

Using beard oils can be beneficial in countless way. Now there are so many beard oils that have strong scents in them and while manufacturing them it is made sure that different aromatics are put in them so that they not only turn out to be good for your beard but also provide fragrance to you and you end up smelling good.

Applying perfumes on beard:

It’s been a decade now that once practiced ritual of women putting perfumes in their hair is now prohibited by dermatologists and hair experts since due to the ample presence of alcohol the hair tend to become dry and frizzy. This makes the roots of your hair weak consequently instigating hair fall you scalp starts to accumulate dandruff hence it’s been said that using perfumes in your hair is not a wise option as it depletes the life expectancy of your hair. Similarly when you use perfumes on your beard hair it makes the hair of your beard it makes your beard rough but that’s not about it as much as the perfume when used on hair damages the scalp similarly when used in the beard it makes the skin underneath the beard rough and patchy.

Mixing beard oil and perfume:

So, to smell good the middle ground that some people establish is they mix beard oil with perfumes which is not a recommended way since due to the composition of both the substance being entirely different beard oil obviously has oil in it due to which when it gets mixed with perfume it tends to float of the surface of the perfume and when you it on the end result is awful.

Mixing oil and perfume is considered erroneous:

But most men practice this ritual at the initial stage of getting acquainted with beard oils and beard perfumes as they get deeper into the domain of fashion and self-care they come across many products that can serve them well without making an enormous mess out of it. Although there are exceptional cases where they this amalgamation can work such as when you mix a scented beard oil b with a beard perfume it creates a new smell. Now, you have nurtured your beard by applying beard oil and you have also made your beard smell good.

Unpleasant odor due to mixing oils and perfumes:

Unfortunately, this combination does not always work and so the thing that you should keep in mind is that sometimes mixing beard oils with perfumes will manifest a rather coinflicting smell that instead of making you smell good will create a musky odor as sometimes the perfumes have soft scent and the oil you are mixing it with might be strong so when both of these scents are mixed it creates a rather unusual and unpleasant smell that is instead if making you smell good make you smell irksome.

Why is beard oil better than beard perfume?

Beard oils have been a part of our lives for hundreds of years where as the trend of using perfumes for the beard has just commenced although beard oils have used to be non-scented but recently brands have started introducing beard oils with scents and it is recommended to used scented bear oils rather than putting perfumes in your beard. Although beard oils have been around for hundreds of years now and the verdict that they are healthy for beard and can be proved by the fact that men back in the days use to have long and healthy beards. So it is ten times more beneficial to use beard oils that are scented instead of perfumes.

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