Ransomware Protection

4 Things You Need From Your Cloud Storage for Ransomware Protection

If you want to start protecting your company from possible ransomware, you need to know how to do this. Ransomware is a problem that many companies struggle against, with some estimates indicating that by 2025, a significant majority of companies will have experienced at least one ransomware attack. If you’re thinking about investing in cloud storage to avoid ransomware attacks, here are four things you need to maintain your ransomware protection.

1. Ease of Backup

The first thing you want to look at is how easy it is for your company to back up your information. Ransomware protection rests on your employees being able to back up their individual files regularly, ideally every day. If you want to make sure that your company’s cloud storage is effectively protecting you against ransomware attacks, it’s important that you make it as easy as possible to back up your information.

2. Immutable Backup Options

Immutability is a method of managing a backup where you can’t actually change a file while it’s uploaded to the cloud. When a backup is immutable, you can’t change the file in any way. This is beneficial for ransomware attacks, as modern ransomware attacks often intentionally try to corrupt files in backups to make the backup useless to anyone who’s been attacked by the ransomware. If you’re trying to keep your company safe, you need to make sure your cloud storage provider offers immutability for all end user backups.

3. Affordability

Although you should be willing to invest significantly in the safety of your company, your company doesn’t just have an infinite budget for you to use on things like cloud storage. If you have a specific budget that your cloud storage system needs to stick to, it’s important that you have the option to keep your storage options under that dollar amount. If you choose the right cloud storage system, you may be able to keep to or under your budget easily.

4. Simple Recoverability

Recoverability is an important part of the process when it comes to ransomware protection. In fact, this is why many people choose cloud storage over physical backup tapes. When it comes to cloud storage, you may be able to simply download the files and get things moving again right after a ransomware attack. Some cloud storage providers even offer third-party apps that make the process even easier. Check to see what your cloud storage provider offers in terms of recoverability for your company’s important files.


Cloud storage providers are definitely not all the same, especially when it comes to preparing your company for ransomware attacks. Depending on the cloud storage provider, you may not end up being completely prepared if a ransomware attack ever actually impacts your company. That’s why it’s so important to check for all four of these things. If you have them, you’ll be able to keep your company safe from all sorts of ransomware attacks now and into the future.

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