Biotechnodata is a digital news platform. With our new blogs and biotechnology data. Our motto is to provide the correct information to our readers. And to do so, we need an enthusiastic team. So, if you are enthusiastic for contributing towards the blogs related to the biotechnology and biology community, you can contact us at

Biotechnodata is a news blog dedicated to biology students.Biotechnodata is looking for guest contributors who can provide quality content related to biotechnology

Presently, Biotechnodata is only portal for your latest and trending biology information, is a place of education and we don’t want to lose our readers so we are on a lookout for someone who can contribute towards spreading our articles across the community.

Rules For Posting Rules

•       Don’t forget to add a word count (800). Articles with a word count of above 700 words will also be preferred.

•       The article must be completely original and free of plagiarism.

•       The blog should have never been published elsewhere.

•       The content will only be available on our website.

•       We guarantee that the article will not be republished elsewhere.

•       In the body of the article, promotional links are not authorized.

•       Nonetheless, links to other sources are welcome if they keep readers interested. The use of references will surely improve reading comprehension and credibility.

How To Apply on Biotechnodata:

Please consider the following points in your article before submitting your proposal.

•       A well-structured guest essay with a captivating title is required.

•       A minimum word count of 800 words is necessary.

•       Double-check that the photos you use in the article are yours to use.

•       Make advantage of the bullet points in the article.

•       Add subheadings, titles, and minor headings as needed.

•       Double-check for grammatical errors.

Important Things to Consider While Writing for Us

•       You can provide screenshots if necessary.

•       You can include images, but they must be of acceptable quality.

•       It will be good to use Grammarly to avoid mistakes.

How I Post an article

Once you’ve done reading the article, you can move on to the next step. Now is the best moment to get in touch with us. You can send the item to us at the address below. We will post it on our website and tell you as soon as possible if it fits our criteria. Apart from that, if necessary, you might include links, URLs, and the name of your website in your work.