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Why your arm might be sore after getting a vaccine

If anything alien is injected into your body, you might expect some discomfort and maybe even a rash to appear. However, there are a number of variables that determine how much pain you feel after getting a shot.

Most people who get the COVID-19 immunization don’t mind being poked with the needle. Anecdotal evidence and scientific papers show that many people have painful arms in the hours after such activities.

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The COVID-19 vaccination is not alone in causing this kind of unwanted reaction. As the United States begins its first mass vaccination campaign in recent memory, many are wondering why certain needles cause more pain than others, why some individuals don’t feel any discomfort at all, and why other people experience no pain at all.

The good news is that soreness in the arm or even a rash may be expected after injecting alien drugs. Deborah Fuller, a vaccinologist at the University Of Washington School Of Medicine in Seattle, says, “Getting that response at the location is precisely what we would anticipate a vaccine to accomplish that is aiming to imitate a pathogen without causing the illness.”

Given the complexity of the immune system and individual differences, William Moss, an epidemiologist and the executive director of the International Vaccine Access Center at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in Baltimore, b   elieves that it is also typical to not experience discomfort. Those affected “may generate defensive immune responses and not have any form of local reaction,” he explains.

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Can You Reduce Pain or Swelling After Vaccines?

  • After getting the vaccination, it’s important to shake out your arm. It might hurt worse if you attempt to hold motionless.
  • After being vaccinated, you should take pain medication for a day or two to ease the resulting swelling and discomfort.
  • Keep the injection site warm by alternating a warm pack with a cold one.
  • Mark out the inflamed region with a pen if it bothers you. Call your physician if the bump becomes bigger or doesn’t go away after a few days.

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How long will my arm hurt after vaccine

Typically, the condition only lasts for a few of days. Your arm hurts because inflammation is part of your immune system’s reaction to the immunization. A reddened, achy, and swollen area is a sign of inflammation. The central deltoid muscle of your arm is the injection location.

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