Fabricate Chemistry Between Heard And Momoa

Warner Bros Exec Had To Fabricate Chemistry Between Heard And Momoa

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Walter Hamada (the president of DC-based Warner Bros film production) appeared in court via video deposition in order to refute claims that Amber Heard’s compensation was reduced due to statements made by Johnny Depp or Adam Waldman.

He stated that Warner Bros had to “fabricate” the chemistry between Amber Heard, Jason Momoa in Aquaman’s postproduction. Depp’s lawyer’s statements did not affect her role in Aquaman 2 and the compensation she received.

Hamada admitted that it took some time to confirm if Heard would be part of Aquaman 2. He attributed this to “conversations about changing” her role due to the lack of chemistry between Momoa and Heard.

He said, “Editorially they were able make that relationship work for the movie. It was not easy to achieve this, there was concern. Warner Bros. was looking for someone who has a better, more natural chemistry than Jason Momoa to move forward.

Elaine Bredehoft was Heard’s lawyer and he said: “It’s not unusual for two leads not to have chemistry.” It’s both movie magic and editorial, the ability to bring performance together. It’s possible to create that chemistry. You can see that they have great chemistry. It was a lot of work to achieve this. It’s not always easy, but sometimes it is.

Bredehoft asked Hamada what the chemistry was between Heard, Momoa, and Hamada responded, “It’s what makes a movie superstar a moviestar.” It’s obvious when you see it.

Bredehoft then asked him about the techniques they used to create the chemistry. Bredehoft asked him about his methods for creating chemistry. He said, “Pick the right scenes, the right moments, then put them together. Music can make a huge difference in a scene. The magic of postproduction, editing and sound, music, etc., makes a big difference.

Bredehoft then asked Bredehoft if it was just music or “literally falsifying the chemistry” that all it took to get the two leads together.

Hamada responded: “That’s how we do postproduction. You do that on any production. Although this one was more challenging due to the lack of chemistry they were able get it to a point where it works and it’s fantastic.

The chemistry found in the final work was not due to Heard’s acting skills, but to the amazing editing done after production.

Heard’s legal team stated that she could have obtained more money to make the sequel Aquaman, which would have cost her between $2 million and $6 million.

Hamada refuted such claims that Warner Bros was considering paying Heard more to Aquaman 2. He stated that actor contracts should be kept intact as a part of their philosophy.

He also denied claims that Heard was reduced in his role and that he took away an action scene.

Depp answered a question about the issue from one of his lawyers. He said that the “character’s involvement” was the same as it was at the beginning.

He said that the movie was built around Arthur and Orm, played respectively by Patrick Wilson and Jason Momoa, who were also co-leads.

Heard said that the movie was pitched as a buddy comedy between Jason Momoa, Patrick Wilson.

A text was also presented to the court by James Wan, Aquaman’s director, which Heard in August 2018 It stated: “You were rated very high by the audience !!!”.” Hamada stated that it would have been after a screening.

After a rhetorical battle between the sides, Judge Penney Azcarate denied Heard’s request to cancel his counterclaim of $100 million.

Benjamin Chew stated that there was no evidence that Waldman knew they were false and that there was no “clear, convincing evidence”. He claimed that Waldman had “very reasonable grounds” and that he believed and would to the end Miss Heard’s claims as patently false.

Ben Rottenborn, Heard’s attorney, claimed that Waldman was Depp’s lawyer. Depp was therefore responsible for Waldman’s conduct.

Judge ruled that enough evidence was available to show that Adam Waldman was a Johnny Depp lawyer when he claimed to the media that Heard’s claims had been a hoax. She stated that there was “more evidence than a scintilla,” but Azcarate said it wasn’t her job to determine the weight or veracity of the evidence. This is the job of the jury.

Chew stated that Depp has no problem with women’s rights and that he supports them. He says this is evident in the fact that Depp gave $100,000 each to the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, as part of the $7million divorce settlement he made to Heard.

Rottenborn interrupts to state that Chew was “making a argument to the cameras” which was “disrespectful towards the court”, but the judge allowed Chew’s to continue.

He said that Heard and her ACLU complicity conspired to conceal her failure to donate $7 million to the hospital and organization as planned. He also stated that the ACLU “intentionally, very cleverly” published the 2018 op-ed on Depp without mentioning his identity.

He stated that everyone knew about Mr. Depp and that the whole thing was coordinated by an ACLU lawyer.

The publication of the op-ed coincided with Aquaman’s release, which is Heard’s most popular movie to date.

Chew said that Heard’s lawyers were also “game-playing” and even tried to call Depp as a witness in order to “fill a gap in a counterclaim.”

He also stated that Heard was not allowed to release $3.5 million for the hospital when she was asked awkward questions about her $7 million payment to an abuser.

Rottenborn spoke out about Depp’s and Waldman’s “conspire to falsely accuse Amber”. He stated that Mr. Waldman was in the shoes of Mr. Depp. They are one in the same.”

He went on to tell the Los Angeles Police Department about the time Waldman filed a perjury complaint against Heard. He also said that Heard even planted the story for a German television station.

Rottenborn said, “That’s a shameful example of the lengths Mr. Depp and Mr. Waldman would go in order to defame Miss Heard.”

Depp’s lawyers misrepresented the evidence about ACLU. He said that while there wasn’t “one piece of evidence” to prove that ACLU conspired against Depp, there is plenty of evidence that suggests that it was.

He concluded that Mr Depp was an abuser who had abused Miss Heard.

David Kulber, a hand surgeon at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, also took the stand via video conference. He was the one to operate on Depp’s hand after a fight in Australia between Depp and Heard. He also put a cast over it.

Depp’s lawyer questioned him about the severed fingertip. He said that surgery was necessary due to a fracture and “soft tissues loss”. Kulber had placed Depp’s hand in an ice splint that had paster on the bottom and top to protect it.

The lawyer then asked Depp if he could have grabbed someone wearing the cast on. Kulber stated that it was possible, but that his index fingers and right thumb would not be able move.

Another lawyer for Depp asked Dr. Kulber if Depp could hit someone wearing the cast. Dr. Kulber replied, “He could.” It would probably have caused damage to the cast.

Depp’s “otherhand” was available, and the surgeon could have destroyed Heard’s clothes, tossing over her shoes rack on March 23, 2015.

Rottenborn, the lawyer, later asked: “Regardless if Mr. Depp grabbed somebody, he could’ve grabbed someone with one hand without the cast off?”

Dr. Kulber replied: “Correct.”

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