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Vik Kumar, A Theatre 1 Appointment at Concept Eye Clinic

Visiting your doctor or optometrist can often leave you confounded after the appointment.

Concept Eye Clinic is proud to announce the arrival of Theatre 1, a specially designed consulting room and viewing portal with the patient at the controls. The patient can ask questions about eye health with the luxury of time and space-age technology.

“You don’t have to wait till you become unwell or develop symptoms,” says Vik Kumar optometrist and CEO. Concept Eye Clinic is focused on wellbeing, early intervention and prevention. “The Theatre 1 experience takes place in beautiful surroundings that make our patients feel comfortable and relaxed. We use AI technology to compare measurements with normative data to assess risk and provide a diagnosis and management with our signature care.”  Theatre 1 has been received enthusiastically by its patients who are interested in staying well. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of early testing and detection. Similarly, the eyes are an organ susceptible to disease and its detection is invaluable to the preservation of health and early intervention in disease management.

” I simply haven’t experienced anything like this before in any domain.”  Patient Ms Y

Following the pilot in the Gosforth practice, Vik Kumar will be rolling out the Theatre 1 experience to his other practices between Scotland and the South West. Concept Eye Clinic is a creative company that is leading the way in disease detection, management and communication. Contact us e:

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