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Urgent Emergency Transit Visa For India

There are a number of reasons why an individual may need to obtain an URGENT EMERGENCY INDIAN VISA. This type of visa is especially helpful for unforeseen circumstances such as a medical emergency, legal issue, or marriage crisis. An emergency transit visa for India can be obtained in a matter of hours. To qualify for the emergency transit visa, the individual must submit documentation that shows the death of someone close to them.

Documents required to apply for a transit visa

There are some documents that you must submit to be eligible for an urgent emergency transit visa for India. These documents are required for medical emergencies, marriage issues, and other unforeseen circumstances. ECs are issued within 10 days after all of the required documents are received. The application form must include the necessary documents.

First, you must have a valid passport. You must have at least six months remaining on your passport. If you plan to stay for more than three days, you can extend your visa. It is recommended that you apply for the visa at least 4 days before your travel date.

A recent passport-size color photograph must be submitted. It must be 2″ x 2″ with a white background. In addition, you must present your original passport with the personal particulars page filled out. If you’re married, you need to provide a PDF copy of your spouse’s Indian passport as well.


If you’re planning to visit India on a short notice, you can apply for an urgent Indian Visa online. This option is ideal for last-minute travelers and can be processed in as little as 24 hours. However, the processing time will depend on the number of applications received and the available staff.

To apply, follow the steps below. You will need to provide accurate information about your purpose of visit in the application form. You will also need to provide a hospital certificate duly stamped. After filling the application form, make sure you send it via registered courier with a tracking facility. Alternatively, you can visit the High Commission of India in Wellington to submit your application.

Once approved, your transit visa will be emailed to the email address you provided during the application process. You can then print your visa, which is valid for 15 days. While you cannot stay in India beyond this time, you can still make multiple entries into the country.


When applying for an urgent emergency transit visa for India, be sure to check whether you are eligible for one. These visas last for 3 days and must be renewed with a visa that is appropriate for your purpose of visit. If you’re unsure about your eligibility, contact our Visa Help Desk to inquire about your options. You may be required to pay a small fee if the situation calls for one.

The visa process usually takes about five to ten business days. However, the High Commission of India cannot be held liable if it is delayed or if your application is not received in the stipulated time. Therefore, it is necessary to apply well in advance so that your application will be processed in a timely manner.

There are some exceptions to this rule, and you can request for a more urgent visa in certain cases. However, if you need a visa for less than 24 hours, you should make sure that you’ve already booked a connecting flight and do not plan on staying in India afterward.

Countries that require a transit visa

If you are traveling to India, then you must apply for a visa prior to your trip. You will need a scanned copy of your passport and a recent colored photo of yourself. Your photo should be in color, taken on a white background, and not older than two years. You can use a high-quality camera or smartphone to upload the image. In addition, you must have proof of Yellow Fever vaccination.

Most foreign passport holders can obtain an Indian eVisa for transit online. This visa allows you to enter India on a number of occasions. When applying, you will need to indicate the type of visa you require, when you expect to arrive in India, and the port where you are going to enter. You will also need to provide a credit or debit card and pay a visa fee. You must complete the form at least four days before your trip.

If you are traveling to India urgently for medical, business, or conference reasons, you should apply for an urgent Indian visa. An urgent visa can be approved within a day. However, it is important to remember that you cannot apply for the same visa multiple times.

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