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Turkey Visa Online Application Process

Before applying for a Turkey Visa Online, you should know what you should expect during the entire process. We will answer your most common questions below, from Who Should Apply? to What Documents Should I Present When Entering Turkey?, and How Long Will the Process Take? This article will provide you with all of the necessary information to get your e-Visa on time! We will also answer your most frequently asked questions! Keep reading to learn about how to apply for an e-Visa online, as well as provide you with tips on getting your visa.


Travellers applying for a visa to visit Turkey need to fill out the application completely and sign it. They also need to show a valid passport with at least six months’ validity and two blank visa pages. Travel insurance is required when travelling to Turkey and should cover expenses incurred during the trip. They can buy a policy through our affiliate to save money. Applicants must also provide a school transcript or enrolment letter from Turkey as proof of enrollment.

While travellers may be able to stay in Turkey for 90 days without a visa, the maximum stay in the country is only 90 days. This can be split up into several separate trips or taken as a single long stay. Read on to find out more information about validity. While applying for a Turkey visa online, travellers should be aware of the conditions and time limits of the visa. It is important to check your travel plans and apply for a Turkey visa as early as possible.

Applicants need to explain their purpose of travel to Turkey. They must also have a valid round-trip ticket or a hotel reservation. Some nationalities also need to show proof of their financial means. The e-visa system is currently under review by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and plans to add more languages to it. Travellers may also use the e-Visa system to apply for a group of Turkey visas online. For a group e-visa, travelers must use a credit card or pay the fee in one lump sum.

E-Visas are available for travelers from 70 countries. It will allow you to stay up to 30 days in Turkey for business or pleasure. The e-Visa can be applied for online, and is typically processed within 15 minutes. Applicants should be aware of COVID-19 travel restrictions when applying for an e-Visa. However, e-Visas are a good option for travelers who wish to avoid long lines at immigration checkpoints.

Documents to be presented at the Turkish port of entry

If you are a Turkish national, you must present your passport and other valid travel documents when entering or exiting the country. If you do not have the proper travel documents, the border authorities will ask you for proof of citizenship or any other document. If your passport is lost or stolen, you should report the incident immediately at the nearest Turkish embassy. The border officials will then verify the information you provided with the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs.

A completed Form for Entry to Turkey is required for foreign visitors. This form is an electronic health declaration introduced by the Turkish government on March 14, 2021, and is expected to remain mandatory until 2021. It is designed to protect the health of tourists and residents of Turkey by electronically registering travelers’ health information. It will also allow the Turkish government to contact passengers who are infected with coronavirus, a potentially life-threatening virus.

If you are a dual British-Turkish national, your passport must contain a copy of your permission for the Turkish border agency to enter or exit your country. Applicants under the age of 18 must provide written approvals from both parents. If one of your parents is deceased, you must provide evidence that the other parent holds custody of the child. However, if you are a dual national, you must obtain permission from both of your parents before entering Turkey.

In addition to the required visas, you must present a negative test result for COVID-19. You can either get the test done in the UK or get one done privately. For those requiring an additional COVID 19 test, you can obtain the NHS COVID Pass. If you have any questions about COVID-19, contact the Turkish Embassy in London. It is advisable to have your vaccinations updated before leaving for Turkey.

Once you have completed the online Form for entry, you must present the HES Code generated once you are approved. Present the HES Code whenever you buy intercity travel within Turkey. Your HES code will be used to contact you if you meet a positive COVID-19 traveler in Turkey. In short, you should have all the necessary documentation to enter Turkey. You should also check your travel documents before leaving for the country.

Time it takes to apply for e-visa

The Turkey Visa application online is an electronic visa that allows travelers to visit the country for up to 30 days with no need for a traditional visa. The application process is fast and easy, and takes only 15 minutes to complete online. Once you have your information and support documents, you can start applying online. Once you’ve applied, you will receive a confirmation e-mail shortly afterwards.

To apply for a Turkey e-Visa online, you’ll need to have a valid passport, a credit card or other electronic payment method, and a digital photo of your face. Fortunately, you can do all this from the comfort of your home. You can choose a single entry visa for 30 days or a multiple entry visa for 90 days. The processing time for a single entry visa is approximately three business days, but you can opt for a priority service that guarantees a one-hour processing time.

Once you have applied for an e-Visa, you’ll need to verify your email address and pay for it online. You’ll receive your e-Visa in PDF form within 72 hours, so you can travel to Turkey with a worry-free mind. 99% of applications are approved within 19 hours. You can also choose to make several applications at once to avoid the hassle of filling out multiple forms.

Unlike traditional visas, an e-Visa for Turkey is a simple travel authorization document that’s similar to a paper visa. You can apply for one as an individual or for a family or group of 10-30 people. You’ll have 180 days to travel to Turkey, and the issued visa is valid for up to six months. You can enter the country multiple times, but each visit cannot be more than 90 days total.

The Turkish e-Visa fees range from EUR14 to EUR71, while a standard visa costs EUR118 to EUR180. Some nationalities, such as UAE citizens, may need to pay more, but the validity of both is the same. Applicants must have international travel insurance, and must submit an electronic copy of their health declaration form. To get a free quote, visit our affiliate.

Frequently asked questions about applying for e-visa

A Turkish eVisa is an official document that allows you to travel to Turkey and stay for a certain period of time. This visa is now being used for many countries instead of the famous sticker visa. You can apply online for your Turkish eVisa using your debit/credit card or Union Pay. Your eVisa will be delivered to your email address and can be used as a proof of identity when you arrive at the port of entry.

You can apply for a Turkey eVisa for yourself and your traveling companions. The details of your passport should match those of the people in your group. If the eVisa does not match your passport, you’ll need to re-apply. There is a maximum of 10 travelers per application. In case of a passport not matching the eVisa, you will have to submit a new application for your trip.

What does an eVisa consist of? An eVisa is a digital version of the traditional sticker visa. You can apply online for one from the convenience of your own home. Applicants must provide certain information and supporting documents, depending on the type of visa. The process is straightforward and can be completed in a matter of minutes. If you have a credit card, you can pay online and print out your Turkey eVisa.

What do I need to apply for a Turkish eVisa? First, your travel document must be valid for at least 60 days beyond your intended stay. This is essential to ensure you do not enter the country with a visa that expires before you depart. You must ensure you apply for your Turkey eVisa before your travel date to avoid any unnecessary delays. You can apply online using a credit card or PayPal to pay for your visa online.

Once you have completed your eVisa application, you will need to pay online to receive your eVisa. If the payment process does not go smoothly, read the traveler’s account for instructions. The solution to payment problems can also help you re-enter the United States after your trip to Turkey. You should also know that you cannot get a refund for your eVisa fee.

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