Turkey Visa For Indian & Indonesian Citizens

Traveling to Turkey with an Indian or Indonesian passport is easy with the Turkey Visa for Indian Citizens or Turkey Visa for Indonesian Citizens. Unlike traditional visa applications, you can apply for your e-Visa online in just 15 minutes. Here are some tips to help you get your e-Visa and start your trip. This article will explain the Turkish e-Visa process. The Turkish Government charges a fee to process your application.

Turkish e-Visa

If you have Indonesian or Indian citizenship and would like to visit Turkey, you can apply for an e-Visa online. You can use iVisa to obtain your Turkish e-Visa. The application process is simple and quick, and the entire process will take no more than 15 minutes. You can start your journey as soon as you’ve applied online.

First, you must make sure you have a valid passport. You must have a valid passport, at least six months past the date you’ll be entering Turkey. You must also have at least two unused pages available for verification stamps. In addition, you must have a confirmed flight ticket and hotel reservation. And, you need to provide proof that you can afford to spend at least $50 per day in Turkey.

Types of Turkish visa

There are various types of Turkish visa for Indian and Indonesian citizens, depending on their purposes of visiting Turkey. A business visa is meant for investors in Turkey, which can be valid for six months and allows multiple entries. However, it is subject to certain conditions. An investor must have the approval of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, along with an original or copy of the partnership certificate. If he or she does not possess such documents, he or she cannot be granted a visa.

Before beginning an application, make sure to read all the information and proofread answers carefully for any mistakes. Since forms cannot be edited once submitted, any mistake or omission could delay your application and cause you to be rejected. In case of Indonesian citizens, underage travelers must obtain an e-Visa before traveling to Turkey. If they are not able to obtain an e-Visa, parents or legal guardians can fill in the application on their behalf. They can also use the same method of payment to pay the fee.

Service fee

The cost of a Turkey visa for an Indian or Indonesian citizen is approximately Rs. 3940 for a single entry visa and INR 13120 for a multiple entry visa. Applicants can pay the fee by credit or debit card through eVisa. During the application process, the applicant must show a proof of flight and hotel reservation that is valid for the entire stay. Proof of travel should include an itinerary.

When applying for a Turkey visa for an Indonesian or an Indian citizen, be sure to have a valid passport. You must have at least 60 days remaining after your Turkish visit to be eligible for an e-Visa. For Indonesians, it is a good idea to renew their passports if they are due for expiration. If you are an Indian or Indonesian citizen, make sure to check with the Turkish embassy for the latest information.

Government fee

A valid Indian passport is required for entry into Turkey. Applicants can check the application status online, using the GIS website. To access this website, users must log in and click on “Check Status”. After entering the required information, a progress email will be sent to the customer. All applicants must have a valid passport, valid for at least six months past the date of travel, and at least two blank pages for verification stamps. The applicant must also have confirmed hotel accommodations, a return flight ticket, and proof of sufficient funds to sustain oneself for at least $50 per day in Turkey.

In order to apply online, applicants must fill out the iVisa application form, including personal information and payment. The application can take up to three days to process. After completing the online form, travelers can make corrections based on the information entered. The information provided must be accurate and complete, since errors in spelling or grammar can result in a visa denial. Repeating the process can be expensive.

Validity period

In order to travel to Turkey, Indian and Indonesian nationals must apply for a visa and obtain a permit to enter the country. To obtain a permit, travelers must fill out the Form for Entry to Turkey and must meet the COVID-19 entry requirements. The validity period of a Turkey visa for Indian and Indonesian citizens varies. When applying for a visa, applicants should check all relevant information and answer all questions carefully. Since applications cannot be edited once submitted, errors can cause the entire evaluation process to be delayed or even rejected. For minor Indonesians, parents or legal guardians can fill out the application on behalf of the child. Ensure that they use the same email address and payment method.

The electronic Turkey Visa streamlines the application process and offers more convenient travel options. Indian citizens can apply online and get their visa within hours. In addition to submitting an application online, Indonesian citizens must fill out the back page of their passport with personal information and contact information. The process for both citizens is similar to that of the Indian visa. Upon approval, visitors can enter Turkey within 24 hours.

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