Industrial rolling shutters are a permanent investment for your business facility

If in the past, electric shutters were considered a symbol of high socio-economic status then today anyone can purchase electric shutters, upgrade their workplace design and enjoy the many benefits of the field.

In industrial environments there are different types of doors that can be used. Among the most common are certainly industrial roller shutter doors.

When you need to close an opening, especially in industrial environments, it is always good to make a series of assessments before making a purchase. The industrial doors roller shutter are among the most used choices, see what benefits they can offer once installed.

Industrial rolling shutters are a permanent investment for your business facility. They are made for maximum requirements and exceptional widths. They are ideal for industrial facilities, commercial and logistics centers and areas where the frequency of traffic is higher. The components are made of aluminum that does not fade so there is never a need for painting.

Especially in the area of ​​commercial buildings industrial plant including areas that require special security and are also suitable for those who want to switch to a door that is particularly strong. The door of this type uses quality materials that are strong and can be used easily and save space as well.

Maximum quality

Rolling shutters are made to suit your needs and to adapt to your installation situation. Mounting is quick and clean. All components are made of high quality aluminum that is resistant to corrosion, which guarantees a long product life. Maintenance and cleaning of this type of roller shutter is very simple.

The best profiles from our own production

All the aluminum shutters are made of double-sided aluminum and filled with environmentally friendly foam, which ensures high stability, insulation, and long life. You can also emphasize the individuality of your garage by installing special types of slats. Light slats allow natural light to penetrate to the garage. Air lamellas that allow natural ventilation and decorative lamellas that increase stability and allow painting in the entire shutter are also available.

Electric roller shutter door

It is another model that is gaining popularity due to its easy-to-use automation. Just press the switch on-off or control via the remote control is a method that does not require much effort and can be controlled at a distance because the distance of most remotes is not more than 20 meters. There is also a chain system for use. To turn on-off when not using the remote control, this type of door is used in conjunction with a motor to control.

Choosing a rolling shutter door to install in residential areas, accommodation, in industrial factories, Therefore, it is a good choice now because it is secure, protects important items from theft, and currently has a mechanism for consumers to choose accordingly. For those who are interested, you can choose to use with a company that has expertise so that the staff will calculate the distance of the door and the weight according to safety standards for peace of mind in use.

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