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How to use Featured Property of the Week

You’ve never used the Featured Property of the Week feature before, have you? Relax; everything will be OK. Get your listings noticed by following these easy steps.

To begin, you’ll need:

  1. Access to Rightmove Plus and the ability to highlight your listings as the Featured Property of the Week requires a valid login. You probably don’t have access to the Featured Property menu item if you don’t see it there.
  2. Want neither of these but can’t find them? Send an email to and a member of our Customer Support Team can assist you create an account or modify your permissions. Our help desk staff can get you all set up with them.

Here is how you may put a Featured Property of the Week to use:

  1. Access Rightmove Plus by clicking the link near the bottom of the main Rightmove page.
  2. To go further, use the links in the upper left of the homepage.
  3. Find the Featured Property option under Property Admin.
  4. Choose the option labelled “Featured Property of the Week.”
  5. Find the listing you want to highlight and click the “Add” button. You may find it under the “currently on Rightmove” area up there.

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When to use Featured Property of the Week?

Compared to regular listings, featured homes on Rightmove often get twice as many views on their property details. A higher number of potential buyers or tenants perusing your ads should translate to more questions, more offers, and a speedier close.

One-time issues like price reductions, relisting’s, and gaining additional new instructions may all be handled with the aid of Featured Property of the Week.

Price reductions

Use Featured Property to re-launch with a bang at the new price if you advocate lowering the price to secure a sale or lease agreement.

Increase the property’s visibility to a larger pool of potential buyers or renters in the lower price bracket, and you’ll have a better chance of securing early viewing appointments.

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Relaunching properties back to the market

If a contract falls through, promoting the property is a fantastic method to let interested buyers or renters know its back on the market and encourage them to schedule showings right away. In addition, it shows your landlord or seller that you’re committed to taking the deal forward.

Winning more instructions

If you want to show that your property marketing service is better to the competition, including a “Featured Property of the Week” in your package is a terrific method to do it. Describe the benefits of making their home the Featured Property of the Week, including how to generate immediate attention from potential buyers.

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Useful things to know about Featured Property of the Week

If you have many properties on Rightmove, you may promote any of them by purchasing Featured Property of the Week credits.

When a property is selected as the Featured Property of the Week, it is highlighted for seven days or until the property is withdrawn. If you cancel your listing before the seven days are out, you will not be able to use that money toward another posting. The listing will return to a regular Rightmove listing when the seven days have passed.

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