How to Protect the New Samsung Mobile From Theft and Other Factors?

Samsung mobile phones are one of the most widely used and popular phones in India. After the downfall of Nokia, Samsung phones saw a sudden rise, owing to their high-quality, durability and wide range of models available to the Indian audience. High end Samsung mobile phones can range from anything between Rs. 25,000- 1,00,000 which can be a big amount for some and hence any damage to the phone may be rather problematic for many. 

To save yourself from the cost incurred post damage to your Samsung mobile phone, it is best to have an insurance plan that protects your phone against damage. One of the best plans that not juts provides financial aids but also added benefit is the Bajaj Finserv’s mobile phone insurance in place which offers two variants for your Samsung phone insurance- (1) CPP MOBILE PROTECT (2) CPP FONESAFE LITE.

Samsung mobile insurance in India can be procured online but it is necessary to get your Samsung insurance within 15 days of buying your phone. Also, it is good to check with your insurer what are the benefits it offers under various types of plans. Does it offer Samsung screen protection and Samsung mobile protection plan both and what are the other benefits that come with these plans. For instance, in case of Bajaj Finserv’s CPP MOBILE PROTECT you also get a 1-year subscription for Zee5, Gaana Plus and F-Secure Antivirus and malware protection. It covers for accidental damage to handset, mobile screen and also for any form of liquid damage. 

How to Protect Your Mobile against Damage?

A mobile owner is constantly worried about the mobile being broken, damaged or stolen but with a good mobile protection plan in place you can be financially secure against the following factors-

  • Damage to your Samsung mobile screen
  • Accidental damage to your Samsung mobile phone
  • Liquid damage to your Samsung mobile phone
  • Electric or mechanical damage to your Samsung mobile phone

As discussed above Bajaj Finserv offers its Mobile Protection Plan that covers for all kinds of damage caused to your phone at affordable premiums. The plan also provides complimentary Mobile Screen Cover and complimentary Mobile Device Cover under the various subscriptions that it offers. There are up to 2 claims available in a particular membership year which makes it a two-time cover for you. 

How to Protect Your Mobile against Theft?

In case your mobile phone is stolen, you can cover for the financial loss under the Purchase Protection Plan offered by Bajaj Finserv. You can get a coverage of an amount as high as Rs. 1,50,000 at a premium amount of just Rs. 199 per annum. 

So, even the most expensive of your Samsung mobile phones can be claimed for under this plan. The process of procuring any of Bajaj Finserv’s insurance cover is completely online and hence it is simple and hassle free to keep your phone secure now. 

By applying to an insurance cover for your phone, you are not just saving your money but also opening gates to a more financially stable future. 

Other Essentials of Protecting your New Samsung Phone against Damage/Theft

  1. Use a secure screen lock so that even if someone steels your phone, your privacy remains intact. 
  2. Use a tracking app which is installed in your phone and helps you locate your phone in case it is lost. 
  3. This is no rocket science, but a good protective phone case can guard your phone against a lot of damage. 
  4. You can easily apply for samsung mobile insurance.
  5. Know your phone’s IMEI number so that you can track your phone in case it is stolen. While a thief can remove the SIM, the IMEI number remains on the phone device and helps you locate it.

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