How to Check if Your Car Needs a Software Update

If your car has a warning light on the dashboard, it could mean that your car needs a software update. But how do you know if you need to take it in for service? Read on for five ways to know if your car needs a software update:

Look for a warning light on your dashboard.

The first place to check is your car’s manual or owner’s manual. Many vehicles have a warning light on the dashboard that alerts you when there is an available software update, and some even have an app so you can check this information on your smartphone. If you don’t have access to either of these resources, look for a sticker in the driver-side door jamb with model-specific information such as year, make and model; VIN (vehicle identification number); mileage when manufactured; build date; etc.

Check your car’s manual.

The first thing to do is check your car’s manual. The manual will tell you if a software update is available and how to install it, as well as what to do if the update fails or needs uninstalling car software updates.

Talk to your mechanic.

The first thing to do is talk to your mechanic. They will be able to tell you if you need a software update, and what it’s doing for your car. For example, if the software update is only for newer models of vehicles that are built after 2015, then it won’t be necessary for older models built before then (and vice versa). The mechanic will also let you know if the update is necessary or not–they’ll explain why they believe so and help make sure that nothing goes wrong during or after installation.

Check your owner’s manual again.

It’s also a good idea to check the owner’s manual for any software updates. If there are no updates listed, check with another source (like your mechanic) or do some research online. It’s possible that you’re missing something important from your car’s dashboard that could indicate a problem with its software.

If you think your car needs a software update, speak with a mechanic or check the owner’s manual again.

If you think your car needs a software update, speak with a mechanic or check the owner’s manual again. If your car is under warranty and it turns out that there is an available update, the manufacturer will cover the cost of installing it. If this isn’t possible and/or they refuse to fix it for free, you may have to pay for their services yourself (though some dealerships may offer them at discounted rates).


We hope we’ve helped you determine whether or not your car needs a software update. If you’re still unsure, your best bet is to talk with a mechanic or check your owner’s manual again.

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