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How digital technologies can affect your company

Here’s how some mainstream technologies we all use such as Microsoft products or other web browsers can have an impact on our firm. It can have an impact on how the public perceived and pays attention to your brand:

Introduction to Microsoft

Microsoft is a firm who developed the Windows operating system. Also other popular products include Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and Windows Media player. The competitors to this firm are Apple, who also product software and operating systems for computer systems.

Introduction to IE9

Internet explorer 9 is a web browser which enables users to browse the internet. This was released by Microsoft, and differentiates to previous versions because it is not tied to the release of any particular version of Windows. Internet Explorer 9 has an improved JavaScript. This increases browsing speed and improved the experience of web browsing. It has a much more user-friendly layout than its previous antecessors. Make sure that when building your site you build something that is perfectly viewable on all major web browsers. Including Edge and IE9 and later versions. For this purpose, you might want to hire the services of a professional web designer who can create the perfect site for your business, which will viewable in all major browsers.

The Full-on campaign – Objectives

Campaign brief. Beattie McGuiness Bungay were informed by Microsoft to “wake up the world to the superior web experience available to the adopters of the technology leading IE9”.

Microsoft also wanted Beatie Mcguiness to get across a message. A message to those who browse the internet that IE9 is “a step change in the way we all experience the Internet, making all other ways seem outdated”. And to create “the feeling of missing out” on those who have not used IE9.

It seems that Microsoft was falling behind its competitors. In terms of competing with the leading internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome. They wanted to show those who browse the internet that IE9 is still credible for the internet-browsing experience.

Based on the campaign brief and IE9 current status in comparison to its competitors, the objectives of the Full-on campaign are to: 

  • Create an awareness of IE9
  • Make IE9 a competitive internet browser in comparison to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome
  • Change the experience of internet browsing

S.M.A.R.T Targets

The full-on campaign that Beatie Mcguiness is advertising has to have targets that are as follows. Specific, measurable, money-saving, realistic and time-related. Their S.M.A.R.T targets must link to their objectives for their advertising campaign to be successful.

The S.M.A.R.T targets that Beatie Mcguiness uses for the “Full-on” IE9 campaigns are:

Specific – Beatie Mcguiness has to specific with the launch of their Full-on campaign and Microsoft must ensure that the objectives for the campaign are clearly stated.

Measurable – Beatie Mcguiness measured the success of their promotional campaign by the amount of downloads, being the most that they have ever had. (2.5 million downloads within the first 2 months.)

Achievable – The skills that Beatie Mcguiness have as an advertising campaign have to be equal to the objectives that are set by Microsoft.

Realistic – The campaigns objectives of the full-on campaign will not be achieved if the goals set by Microsoft are not realistic.

Time related – The objectives of the full-on campaign of IE9 have to be met within the duration that has been set by Microsoft. In order for the firm to measure their performance in a quantitative and also accurate manner.

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