Golden Globe Awards organizers vote for major reforms after controversy

Golden Globe Awards organizers vote for major reforms after controversy

The organization that oversees the Hollywood Golden Globe Awards has voted to implement significant revisions in response to complaints of its lack of diversity and its murky operations.

In terms of profile, the Golden Globes are only second to the Oscars.

However, organizers have been charged with unfair business tactics, receiving “freebies,” and other unethical transgressions.

The changes will increase the number of members in the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, with a focus on recruiting black members and the hiring of diversity counselors.

None of the 87 members of the organization that voted on the award winners were black, it was revealed in a February Los Angeles Times exposé.

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The club will now publish its membership list and allow foreign entertainment writers who are based all around the US, not just in California, loosening its tight admission requirements and the veil of secrecy.

Over the following 18 months, it promises to grow its membership by 50%.

These members are no longer permitted to accept promotional products from movie and television studios.

According to The LA Times, Netflix flew HFPA members to Paris to support the comedy series Emily in Paris, which later received two nominations for this year’s Golden Globes.

Ali Sar, president of the HFPA, said in a statement that “today’s resounding decision to restructure the association reinforces our commitment to change.”

“We’ve already taken several steps that will help us advance quickly…

“We recognize that the hard work begins now, and we remain committed to improving our organization and setting an industry standard for diversity, accountability, and transparency.”

More than 100 Hollywood PR companies threatened to urge the stars they represent not to work with the HFPA if adjustments weren’t made after the LA Times exposé.

They alleged “discriminatory behaviour, unprofessionalism, ethical impropriety and possible financial corruption” against the organisation.

When the organisation removed its previous president for sharing an essay disparaging of the Black Lives Matter movement last month, more headlines were made.

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