Does iPhone stop charging when fully charged IN 2021

Does iPhone stop charging when fully charged IN 2021

I want my battery to die sooner than it used to.

You can’t charge your iPhone beyond 100% and then let it charge back to 100%. That would destroy the battery over time. And any iPhone user would know that this is the case.

But since Apple wants to make sure you keep your iPhone charged all the time, a very useful feature would be:

Does iPhone stop charging when fully charged

A small icon will appear on the screen when you have put enough charge in your battery. I would expect that it would not be a button but a small icon in the status bar.

Nowadays, you can easily see if the battery percentage is 100%. The battery percentage gets displayed when you’re pressing the sleep button for a long time. When you press the sleep button, the battery percentage gets displayed.

The icon on the status bar might be a little bit different from the status bar.

So I’d expect it to be a little different.

Has iPhone stops charging at this percentage?

I’d like to use the batteries of my iPhone for a few days and then get a replacement battery. If I have a replacement battery before the battery gets to this percentage, then the battery doesn’t stop charging.

So is that the case?


My thinking is:

iPhone is able to detect if a battery is fully charged. But iPhone isn’t able to say how much battery is charged. So how is the battery able to know how much charge is left in the battery?

Maybe iPhone detects the battery is fully charged and therefore stops charging. Or maybe it detects the battery is charging and therefore stops charging. Or maybe it does both.

But if it is able to detect whether the battery is charged, how is iPhone able to know that the battery has reached a certain percentage of charge?

I’ll have to see what Apple comes up with.

What is the difference between full charge and fully charged battery?

You can see a battery level meter on an iPhone. If the iPhone can see that the battery is fully charged, then the battery can start charging the battery.

You can also see a battery level meter on the iPod Nano. But it is not that simple.

On the iPod Nano, you can’t see the battery percentage. The amount of charge is shown.

You just need to tap the sleep button and then press the Sleep/Wake button.

Does iPod Nano stop charging when full charged?

Yeah, it does.

But why?

Because the iPod Nano is not designed to stay charged all the time. I mean, to charge it all the time.

Since Apple doesn’t want to charge your battery all the time, it keeps the battery charged until it gets to a certain percentage.

For example, if the battery level is charged up to 20% and you want to charge it to 30%, then iPhone will stop charging it if you keep the screen off. But iPhone will continue charging it if you keep the screen on.

Since the iPhone charges the battery to a certain percentage of charge, there will be times when iPhone stops charging at that percentage. It just does not do it on every charge. It just does it when you put enough charge into the battery.

So it is all fine.

Full battery charging is more frequent than full charge fully charged.

Does iPhone charge a different percentage on different cell types?

I believe that the iPhone does.

On some cell types, it may charge a little bit faster. Maybe it will charge it at the same rate. But sometimes it will charge at a faster rate on these cell types.

So it is possible to charge at a faster rate on some cell types than on others.

The battery performs as intended and we don’t need to rely on Apple to fix things for us. We just need to figure out what the iPhone is doing. And then we can plan ahead.

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