CES 2023: Sony unveils controller for disabled gamers

CES 2023: Sony unveils controller for disabled gamers

Players can design a setup that works for them using the “extremely configurable kit” known as Project Leonardo, which includes a variety of buttons, triggers, and sticks.

The 2018-released Microsoft Adaptive Controller costs £74.99 in the UK, while additional buttons and joysticks can cost significantly more.

Project Leonardo, however, has yet to be given a price or release date.

According to a representative of Sony Interactive Entertainment, it will function “out of the box” to allow players to play “more easily, more comfortably, and for longer periods.”

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The official stated, “We feel that Project Leonardo’s breadth of hardware and software customization options is unique and stands out from any other accessibility controller on the market today.

“For our crew, Project Leonardo is a true labor of love. To create a controller kit that we hope many gamers with impairments will find beneficial, we drew on our 28 years of design experience at PlayStation.”

Several charities, including AbleGamers in the US and SpecialEffect in the UK, assisted.

The founder and CEO of SpecialEffect, Mick Donegan, expressed his excitement about the controller’s potential to enable access to gaming for a large number of individuals.

The nonprofit organization has previously supported Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller, which is officially limited to use with the Xbox or PC but may be used with a third-party adaptor with competing platforms.

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Accessible controllers have also been created by other manufacturers, such as Hori.

After receiving a request from a parent, 8BitDo created one for players with spinal muscular atrophy last year.

Gran Turismo

According to Cesar Flores, a Project Leonardo consultant, Sony’s controller is “a huge element of what it means to establish accessibility.”

He stated, “I’m grateful to be a part of it. It’s a life-changing experience for so many individuals worldwide, not just me.

Additionally during CES 2023, one of the biggest technology expos ever, Sony:

disclosed that more than 30 million PlayStation 5 consoles have been sold.

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The first trailer for the feature film based on the racing game Gran Turismo was unveiled.

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