8 Reasons Why You Should Get A Microsoft Azure Certification

Azure certifications are curated to indirectly meet the needs of organizations that have chosen Microsoft Azure for their cloud storage needs. These online Microsoft courses meet the requirements of all Azure professionals with different goals, experience and area of expertise and provide flexibility for those with a busy schedule

The certification is a validation of the individual’s skills in a particular area of working with Azure services and tools. As a Microsoft certified professional, you have the edge over other professionals in your niche. 

This article highlights the benefits of being a professional who is Microsoft Azure certified. So, let’s get started.

1. Boosts Your Career Graph

Earning a Microsoft certification provides a significant number of benefits in your current workplace and increases your chances of getting hired. Due to your established skillset, your earnings will get a boost. You will stand out from the other candidates during a recruitment process as a professional’s expertise in cloud computing is highly coveted. 

2. Opens Doors To Professional Opportunities

Being trained to handle the various services provided by the Azure cloud platform gives a professional a significant amount of flexibility in their work lives. As an Azure certified professional, you are qualified to apply to and work for job titles such as solution architect, developer, or cloud architect. 

You will be well versed in the domains of Microsoft artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cloud storage and data security. 

3. Opportunities In Different Sectors And Countries

With the shift of companies to cloud storage platforms, every industry utilises these services. The Azure certification allows you to work for healthcare, retail, finance, marketing, entertainment etc. 

Your cloud computing skills are essential across several sectors and all over the world. Certified professionals can apply to countries like the UK, United States of America, India and even Australia. 

4. Validates Your Knowledge And Skills

A certification in any domain provides validity to your skillset, as you had to prepare and sit for an examination. In addition, it shows employers that you are well-versed in the industry standards and can solve real-life problems. 

An Azure certification on one’s resume is a necessary credential when it comes to demonstrating your knowledge of Azure Cloud. Undergoing Microsoft certification training sets you apart from the other candidates who have the same work experience because employers prefer individuals who have professional training in a specific domain.

5. Demonstrates Your Passion And Dedication

Besides this, preparing for the exam signifies that you are passionate about your work. Studying for an exam and committing to any Microsoft certification courses shows potential employers that you are willing to invest money and energy into advancing your skills. 

This would make you an asset for any company as your skills and dedication would help bring significant returns to your organisation.  

6. Trains To Solve Real-Life Problems

Courses offered as a part of Azure training teach professionals to translate theoretical concepts into real-life business solutions and strategies. You can clear your foundation using various books and tutorial videos available on the internet. But the added hands-on practical application of those concepts is what helps you crack the examination. 

Enrolling on a training programme gives you the benefit of applying your knowledge in integrated virtual labs sessions and exploring real-life possibilities.

7. Allows Networking With Other Professionals

Several online IT training institutes like Koenig Solutions will provide you with lectures, notes and lab sessions, thus preparing you for the final examination. These courses are curated and taught by industry experts who can clear your doubts and guide you properly. 

You also have the chance to meet and interact with other cloud computing aspirants with different areas of expertise such as cloud security, machine learning or data architecture, thus gain insight into their experiences. 

Networking and interacting with professionals who share the same ambitions or career paths as yourself will help you build secured professional relationships. 

8. Stay Updated On The Latest Trends In The Industry

Enrolling on any training programme will help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends in cloud computing. Getting certified would require you to be constantly increasing your knowledge in this field.


Obtaining a Microsoft certification in Azure can go a long way in helping you secure better career opportunities and getting bigger paychecks. It provides credibility to your skills and hard work and is a testimony of your dedication.
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